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Virginia 86, Manhattan 68
Nov. 15, 2009
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Debbie Ryan:
Opening Statement:
I felt like we were a little bit better today than we were on Friday night. We’re still not, obviously, where I want us to be. I thought offensively we looked pretty good most of the game. Defensively, we’re not where we need to be. We’re not using everything that we have yet. I’m trying to play everybody and see what we have. But what I’m going to have to do, eventually, is cut the numbers down. I just wanted to see where we were, what I have, what I can use and what I can’t use. I think that we are still very much a work in progress and we’re just going to have to see where the chips fall.

On the team’s 3-point shooting:
I’m disappointed in our 3-point shooting. We are a pretty good 3-point shooting team and you can tell by the way our players stroke the ball. We can really shoot it. They’re still not quite ready to play at this pace so they’re not quite sure when to shoot and when not to shoot. So, we’re trying to get them really comfortable and just let them shoot when they’re open and go with it. Ariana [Moorer] has been shooting the lights out and she didn’t shoot well today. She usually shoots a whole lot better than she did. And I think Lexie Gerson’s a very good 3-point shooter. But, we just have to wait and see how their comfort level goes as we get into the season.

On the freshmen giving 26 points and expecting it again:
I don’t think you can expect anything from freshmen. I think you just kind of go with it. It was great that they gave that to us today, but that’s not something you should expect for the rest of the year, for sure. It depends on the day and who’s playing, it depends on how they’re playing and whether they’re doing it the right way or the wrong way. Whether they’re defending or not, whether they’re rebounding or not, all those things will make a difference.

On Monica getting in a zone and the younger players being worried to shoot rather than giving the ball to her:
I think they have blended with her very well in my opinion. You saw her share the ball tonight with them, so I don’t even think they think about that. I think they are learning where Monica is going to shoot so they know how to rebound for her. But other than that, I think they’re pretty good with Monica in terms of the chemistry that they have on the court with her.

On what 701 feels like:
Actually, no game is really different for me; I don’t really think in terms of that. I know the media likes to really get into the memorabilia kind of thing and the records and all of that, but I don’t really pay attention to that at all. If a player is about to break a record, I pay attention. But I don’t in terms of myself, I’m just trying to win every game.

Virginia Senior Guard Monica Wright
On clicking during the second half of the last two games:
Just being able to warm up offensively has helped. Defensively, it’s kind of been the opposite. But also being home and having that support and having your home fans there really helps. You’ll notice all my points are assisted from one of my teammates, so I was basically just making lay-ups.

On leaving the game and being up five and coming back in and being up by 10:
That made me feel really good. I felt very confident for our future games because we don’t have to have the best player in there to pick up defensively or be effective offensively or just to maintain the lead or make it a bigger lead. It made me feel very good and I’m sure it made Coach Ryan feel very comfortable too.

On Coach Ryan’s 700th win celebration:

We had cookies on the bus and we rested, because we had to get up for practice the next morning and then had a game today. Coach Ryan is very humble and she gives all credit to the program, the staff and faculty of UVa Athletics and most of the people that have played here, so she wasn’t going to allow us to have a big party about it. It was well deserved and I’m just honored to be here during the time she got her 700th win.

Virginia Freshman Guard China Crosby
On playing the first home game:

It was exciting. That’s one of the reasons I came to UVa, because of the fans, the gym, the atmosphere and everything like that. I was a little shaky in the beginning because you run out through the smoke and I really didn’t know where to go, but I didn’t feel butterflies in my stomach. I felt very confident, especially with Monica right by my side. I was just going out there with one thing on my mind; play defense, get the rebounds and push the ball. It’s basically what Coach told us to do and I really wasn’t scared. I felt right at home.

On how you played today:
I think I played okay today. In the beginning, defensively, I think I did a pretty good job pressuring the ball and everything. Offensively, I know I need to get the ball up a little faster. In the second half, we got the ball up faster and we scored more points and it was a faster paced game. I need to work on my point guard jump shots. I was hitting them today, but I think I can improve by giving the post a few more touches. And I need to work on my 3-point shot.

On not hesitating to take 12 or 14-foot shots:
I don’t hesitate at all. I work on it and the coaches always encourage me to take it, because that would be an easy dish-off to my post, so I’m not scared to take it and I know my limits.

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