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Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
Virginia Player Quotes
Nov. 28, 2009

Freshman Defensive Back Javanti Sparrow
On returning underclassmen:

“We will have a lot of playmakers on this team next year. Today, things didn’t go the way as planned, we weren’t able to get it done for our seniors, but we have a lot of guys that will be able to contribute next year.”

On seeing first action:
“It was great to be able to get out there and have a chance to make a play for the team. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to break a big one, but more importantly, we didn’t reach our goals as a team.”

On the crowd:
“It was a great football atmosphere today. You work so hard in practice to get a shot in a big game like this, but today, we didn’t get it done. “

Senior Linebacker Aaron Clark
On Al Groh:

“He told us before the game that he stands behind us and he is proud of everything we do. We feel same way towards him.”

On Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams:
“He is an incredibly tough runner who is going to have a great career in this league. He was able to make some big plays today.”

On the second half:
“It happened last week, and it happened again today. We battle hard all game, and were able to go toe-to-toe for a half, but in the end, it didn’t all add up to what we were looking for.”

Sophomore Linebacker Cam Johnson
On Virginia Tech’s Ryan Williams:

“He is a talented runner that always fights for the extra yard.”

On returning talent:
“We have plenty of guys who will be able to slide in next year. We will have the talent and the leadership to be a successful team next season.”

On containing Tyrod Taylor:
“He’s a good athlete. Today there were a few plays where we didn’t stay disciplined in our lanes, and he took advantage.”

Senior Quarterback Jameel Sewell
On Virginia:

“I love these guys with all of my heart. They know that and I would do anything for them. I will never forget any of them and I want to tell them thank you for everything they have done for me.”

On the offense in the game:
“We came out really strong because we knew we could beat them. We pounded them, and they were not ready for what we were bringing to the table. Then we faltered, we slowed down, and that hurt us. But we never quit fighting and that is what I love about my guys.”

Freshman Linebacker Steve Greer
On ending the season with a loss:

“It is definitely not the way we wanted to end the season. We wanted to come out and send our seniors out with a win.”

On Coach Groh addressing the team with a poem:
“I thought it was really good. Coach Groh always wants his players to carry themselves in a good manner, and I think the poem demonstrated that.”

On facing Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams:
“He’s a good back, and I look forward to seeing him again next year. He is a good back and it is fun to face good backs, so I look forward to it.”

Senior Fullback Rashawn Jackson
On ending the season with a loss:

“Of course I wish we could have ended on a higher note. I love Coach Groh and I love his effort. This season does not really describe Coach Groh, it was not his type of football, and hopefully the guys next year can turn things around. Unfortunately we could not do that tonight.

“We may have lost tonight but I am definitely not defeated. I am hopeful the team next year does not feel defeated, and can take motivation from this game.”

On Coach Groh’s poem:
“Coach Groh is a very well educated, smart, emotional man, and I think that poem captured his spirit. It takes a big man to stand in front of a team and read something like that. It was very moving.”

On his career at Virginia:
“If I had to do it all over again, I would. I love the University of Virginia and I loved my career here. I want to thank all of the fans who supported me through the good times and the bad.”

Senior Defensive End Nate Collins
On ending the season with a loss:

“It was a disappointing ending for us, but everyone on this team worked hard. Everyone in the organization fought hard and never quit, and I think that is what matters in the end.”

On Coach Al Groh:
“I love Coach Groh like a father. He has been a father figure to everyone on this team.”

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