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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 69, Samford 60
Dec. 28, 2009

Virginia Head coach Debbie Ryan
On the win:

“We did a lot of good things tonight and I was pleased with the changes we made throughout the game. Monica (Wright) is dealing with the loss of her grandmother and that has been a hard thing for our team because we all knew her. So there are a lot of things going on.”

On playing for the first time after break:
“We started with a lack of consistency in the Georgia game, and it continued tonight. You play one game, take a five day break, then come back. We didn’t practice very well. We have some things we have to work on to get better. We did a lot of work before the Georgia game and did a lot better but still not sustaining things over a long period of time. “

On the team competing for starts this week:
We competed for positions this week because after Georgia game not one player had a starting position. I would say that is still the case. They had to earn it and the people who started tonight earned it in practice and that is the way it’s going to be until we get to a level of consistency.”

On the young team contributing to inconsistency:
“I will be honest, we have two first-years in the starting lineup and that is a lot. We are bringing almost all first-years off the bench. We are dealing with all those things and know we have inconsistency there. It’s a good time for this to happen. We had 17 days with basically no basketball. We can’t get out of rhythm now, there are no more days off, we are playing basketball for the rest of the season.”

On playing Liberty Tuesday:
“The last time we played them was in a closed scrimmage. They have talent; they are a tough team. It is going to be a dogfight like it always is. It is like playing a cross-town rival. Game after game is preparing us to get better, to get ready for the ACC. This schedule might have been tougher than it should have been, but tomorrow we will be facing another NCAA Tournament team. It’s a great way to get ready for when you are in tournament play.”

Senior Guard Monica Wright
n playing after the loss of her grandmother:
“Basketball definitely helps ease the pain and take your mind off things. A win is a win – ugly or not, but I am glad we ended up with the win at the end.”

On playing in her last Cavalier Classic:
“I definitely have fun every year because my family is all here in town during this time. They all come down and came this year too to see me play.”

On Samford’s 3-point success:
“It’s hard to cover defensively and they came in here today and shot well. I give them credit for that. We can do better defensively covering shooters but we will learn from that and move on.”

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