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NCAA Quarterfnals – Stony Brook vs. Virginia
Virginia Quotes

Coach Starsia Opening Statement
We can’t take much more of this. We give great credit to Stony Brook for all of this. The Stony Brook crew did a great job with this event. What a great event and crowd out there. Everyone couldn’t have been more gracious. Coudos to them for putting on a great quarter-final. Sometimes it’s just about the winning. I give our kids credit. When you’re standing on the side lines, all outcomes go through your mind. I was prepared to sit up here and say I was proud of my team no matter what. But I must tell you I’m certainly glad we got the win and that we have the opportunity to play again next weekend. At times it seemed to me that it was like last years semi-final game from a year ago where it just seemed like we could never get the ball, especially in the second quarter. And in their long possessions resulted in us struggling to be patient. I tried just telling our guys at half time that everyone was just holding the ball for too long. We just needed to be crisper at the offensive end.

Adam Ghitelman on the final possession of the game
In the final minute of the game, you just need to be ready for whatever’s going to happen. I think he may have ended up forcing that shot and I happened to be at the right angle. It came quick and I wasn’t really expecting a shot at that moment. Just happened to get a stick on it and am happy to be moving on to the next game.

Adam Ghitelman on making many end of the game stops and the pressure of tight games
I’ve built up a lot of experience throughout my career. I just try to stay confident out there and keep it 0-0 in my mind. That atmosphere was incredible out there today. You’ve gotta hand it to their fans. Anything that was going Stony Brook’s way, you heard it from the stands. It was a tough game and I’m glad we were able to hold it down at the end.

Rhamel Bratton on the importance of making it to the Final Four
You always want to play the next weekend. Especially when it’s a game where many plays could have gone the other way. We’re just happy obviously to get the win and happy obviously to be playing in the final four. Doesn’t really matter as long as you’re there.

Adam Ghitelman on the importance of making it to the Final Four
Watching the scores yesterday, finding out the girls didn’t get the win they wanted, you really want to get to the end for them. For me personally and for the team, those girls deserve everything. We’re going to play the rest of the season for them, they deserve it.

Ken Clausen on the importance of making it to the Final Four
I think we’ve been through a lot. Kind of our motto has been that we don’t want this thing to end. With everything that’s been going on, and lacrosse aside, we want to be able to stick together as a team and going out there and playing for the girls and playing for Yeardley, that’s been in our minds and it’s been some motivation for us and we’re ready to keep playing hard and stick together for another week.

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