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Hello Mr. London,

My name is Kenny Humphreys and I am UVA’s biggest fan. I remember going to my first UVA football game in 1992. It was a great experience. I was hooked. Since then I have went to football and basketball games every year. I have always stood by our teams through thick and thin. Win or lose I will always be there to support UVA. I love all the sports UVA has to offer, but especially football. I have recruited more UVA fans in the past three years. When I met my fiancé and her family, they did not follow sports at all. Now all of them are UVA fanatics like me. We attend a lot of basketball games, women’s and men’s. We have also had season tickets for football. My fiancé and I donate money each year to the athletics foundation. I not only support UVA because of its great athletics program, but also because of the school’s high academic standards. Congratulations also to you and your team for having the highest semester GPA in ten years.

I have heard nothing but great things about you, and am looking forward to seeing the team in action this season. I know that you will have as much success, if not more, coaching UVA as you did with the Spiders. Kudos to Craig Littlepage for his excellent choice, choosing you to bring us back on top. I am excited that you will bring our team to victory and to the ACC championship this season, but more importantly, to kick VT’s butt. Ha Ha! To prove to you how much of a fan I truly am, I have painted my truck, which I drive daily, with 17 cans of blue paint, and 4 cans of orange paint. If I am chosen as one of the winners of this contest, I plan to drive my UVA truck to every game to show my support and loyalty to the University. I hope to win the tickets to the UVA @ USC game to redeem ourselves after our 52-7 loss. GO HOOS!


Kenny Humphreys

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