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National Honors

NCAA Honors

National Hall Of Fame
Julie Williams October 12, 2002
Heather Dow October 12, 2002
Jane Miller November 22, 2003
Cherie Greer November 7, 2009

NCAA Woman Of The Year
1998 Peggy Boutilier

Honda Sports Award
2003-04 Amy Appelt

Honda Sports Award Finalist
2002-03 Lauren Aumiller
2003-04 Amy Appelt
2004-05 Amy Appelt
2009-10 Brittany Kalkstein

1999 Peggy Boutilier

Tewaaraton Trophy Recipient
2004 Amy Appelt

Tewaaraton Trophy Finalists
2002 Lauren Aumiller
2003 Lauren Aumiller
2004 Amy Appelt
2005 Amy Appelt
2006 Nikki Lieb
2010 Brittany Kalkstein

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IWLCA Awards

Coach Of The Year
1991 Jane Miller
2004 Julie Myers

Player Of The Year
1991 Robyn Nye, Defense
1992 Jenny Slingluff, Attack
1994 Cherie Greer, Defense
1995 Michelle Cusimano, Goal
1996 Michelle Cusimano, Goal
1997 Peggy Boutilier, Defense
1998 Peggy Boutilier, Defense
2004 Amy Appelt, Offense

Offensive Player Of The Year
1992 Jenny Slingluff
2004 Amy Appelt

Defensive Player Of The Year

1991 Robyn Nye
1994 Cherie Greer
1997 Peggy Boutilier
1998 Peggy Boutilier

Goalkeeper Of The Year
1995 Michelle Cusimano
1996 Michelle Cusimano

100 Victories Club
March 29, 1992 Jane Miller
March 3, 2003 Julie Myers

Inside Lacrosse Honors

National Rookie Of The Year
2002 Amy Appelt
2006 Blair Weymouth
2007 Brittany Kalkstein

National Rookie Squad
2001 Caitlin Banks
2002 Amy Appelt
2002 Cary Chasney
2002 Eilzabeth Pinney
2003 Meredith Lazarus
2006 Jen Holden
2006 Blair Weymouth
2007 Britany Kalkstein
2007 Kaitlin Duff
2008 Liz Downs

Offensive Player Of The Year
2004 Amy Appelt
2005 Amy Appelt

Defensive Player Of The Year
2003 Tiffany Schummer

Defensive Midfielder Of The Year
2006 Nikki Lieb

Midfield Player Of The Year
2002 Lauren Aumiller
2003 Lauren Aumiller Awards

Unsung Hero Of The Year
2004 Morgan Thalenberg
2006 Julie Hauser

Offensive Player Of The Year
2004 Amy Appelt
2005 Amy Appelt

Midfield Player Of The Year
2002 Lauren Aumiller
2003 Lauren Aumiller Fan Awards

Best Senior Attack
2008 Megan O’Malley

Best Senior Defense
2008 Claire Bordley

Best Senior Goalie
2008 Kendall McBrearty

Coach Of The Year
2008 Julie Myers

Other Honors

Beth Allen Award
The recipient of the Beth Allen Award shall be a “highly skilled, creative and disciplined player who consistently makes a positive contribution to the team effort. Such a player shall show awareness and understanding of the spirit of this unique game and exemplify character traits of loyalty and sportsmanship.”
1987 Julie Dayton
1993 Julie Williams
1999 Bonnie Rosen
2000 Cherie Greer

Aimee Willard Award
The Aimee Willard Award was created to recognize the outstanding collegiate athlete participating in the National Tournament.
2003 Lauren Aumiller

Heather Leigh Albert Award
The HLA National Schoolgirl Lacrosse Award was created to recognize the most outstanding schoolgirl lacrosse player in the nation, in spirit as well as athletic ability.
1999 Lauren Aumiller
2003 Jenny Hauser
2008 Kelly Austin

Wes Patterson Award

The Wes Patterson Award is given to the player who embodies the “spirit of the game.” The recipient of the award displays sportsmanship, team cooperation and contribution, unselfish play, fairness and generosity, courtesy in her relations with others, and one who accepts the results of the game and the decision of officials.
2001 Cherie Greer

Community Service Award
1999 Libby Hoyle

Charlottesville Chapter Hall Of Fame

The following Virginia lacrosse alumnae are members of the Charlottesville Hall of Fame.
1996 Jane Miller
1997 Heather Dow
1997 Julie Dayton
2001 Julie Williams
2003 Elaine Maddox
2003 Lindsay Sheehan
2005 Sophie Carpenter
2005 Debbie Easter
2005 Linda Southworth
2005 Maggie MacInnis

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