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Sophomore Tobi Farrar has battled back from an off-season surgery and has worked to make an impact on this year’s volleyball team. Landing her 100th career kill in the Cavaliers’ ACC opener against Virginia Tech, Farrar has 30 kills and 13 blocks on the season. She looks to help Virginia earn its first conference win of the season this weekend, when the Cavaliers head to No. 13 Florida State (Fri., 7 p.m.) and Miami (Sun., 1 p.m.).

Question: The team had a tough start to the ACC season. What do you think the team is able to take away from the Virginia Tech match?
Farrar: The loss to Tech was tough, but we fought hard and played great. We were so fired up and had great energy. I think what our team will take away from the match is that we can’t wait for things to happen, but that we have to make them happen. We had plenty of opportunities to win the match early on, but we didn’t act on those opportunities. We know now that we have to play with the same energy as we did against Virginia Tech against every other ACC team.

Question: With hardly an open seat in the gym Friday night, talk about what that atmosphere was like. Did it impact the game at any point?
Farrar: The energy and atmosphere in the gym was awesome. Playing in front of that many people just sparks something and our team wants to play as well as possible for our fans. The energy of the fans impacted the game because when points were scored they crowd would go nuts and it would help our energy also.

Question: You are coming back from an off-season surgery. What did you injure and how did surgery and rehab go?
Farrar: Last season I had a knee injury. I sprained my meniscus and tore some cartilage in my left knee. I had surgery after the season in December and it went great. After about a week on crutches, I was already walking around. My knee was very weak so I was doing rehab everyday. The rehab was tough because my knee was so weak and it felt very different. But after a good two months of rehab, I was back on the court working on some things. My knee is now pain free and it feels awesome to be back on the court without the pain.

Question: What do you think has been the biggest difference for you this year, now that you’ve got a year under your belt?
Farrar: The biggest difference for me this year is knowing what to expect. Coming in as a first year, everything is new and you have to learn to be on your own and learn a whole new way of playing volleyball. Having a year under my belt has definitely helped because now I can help the younger ones when they are confused about something and they can come to me when they need anything.

Question: If you could play a different position for one day, what would you choose?
Farrar: If I could play a different position for one day, it would be setter. I want to set a ball and have one of my teammates just kill it. Also, setters do not get much credit, but they play a huge part. Without their hard work to get us great sets, our offense would not work and we would not be able to exploit other teams’ weaknesses. I think the setter position is a really tough position and it would be interesting to be able to play it for a day.

Question: Who or what do you credit most for getting you to where you are today?
Farrar: I would have to give all the credit to my parents. Without their help and encouragement throughout the years, I would not be where I am today. They allowed me to play volleyball when I was younger and helped out in any way possible to make sure I was doing what I needed to do to get better. They allowed me to play at one of the top clubs in Texas, which helped me a lot at becoming a better volleyball player. Also, when I was younger I had played softball and volleyball and they let me make the choice of which one I was going to continue on playing and were supportive of my decision. I love them very much and give them all the credit. Their help has made me into the volleyball player I am today and made it possible for me to attend a prestigious university.

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