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Virginia vs. VMI
Sept. 25, 2010
Virginia Player Quotes

Junior defensive back Chase Minnifield
On an active day:

“It’s all thanks to God, the Good Lord blessed me today. I studied a lot of film, we knew this team inside and out.”

On the athletic interception:
“It goes by so fast, you don’t even remember it. I can’t really make any comments, I just caught it.”

On how the defense played after VMI’s first interception:
“We made a decision to heighten our desire as a defense and not to slack off because of our competition. We picked it up in the second half and played pretty well.”

Senior quarter back Marc Verica
On the timing with receivers Dontrelle Inman and Kris Burd:
“We were throwing with some pretty good timing today; the protection was good. I think we did some things today. It wasn’t our best game all around, but we can take some things from this and improve.”

On the offense this week:
“We hit on some intermediate passing routes that we havn’t hit this year, particularly in the 18 to 25 yard range. Those kinds of plays open up the defense and allow us to do better in the running game. I think we took a step forward, but we still have to make a lot more improvement.”

Senior tail back Raynard Horne
On the kick-return for a touchdown:

“It was great. We have been practicing to hit the hole and everyone hold their blocks and that’s what took place. It was a total team effort. It looked wide-open and that’s because of my teammates and how good of a job they did. I almost ran out of gas, but it felt good to get in there and celebrate with my teammates.”

Junior wide receiver Kris Burd
On the victory:

“This is a big, uplifting game. We worked on a lot of things during the bye week, and we came out here and executed.”

On team morale:
“We have been a confident team. We have good offensive and defensive schemes, and we are capable of making big plays. We feel that the sky is the limit.”

On his touchdown reception:
“We try to practice how we play. The offensive line did a great job of giving the quarterback time, and Marc [Verica] had a great read. It was a collaborative effort, and I just happened to be the one who caught the ball.”

Sophomore tight end Colter Phillips
On his touchdown reception:

“The safety bit on the play-action, so I happened to be wide open and I just caught it in the back of the end zone.”

On his celebration with teammates and coaches after the touchdown:
“It has been a tough month and a half for me, and having the support of my coaches, teammates, and he whole Virginia family has been really important to me. It was special not just because it was a touchdown, but it was a big day for me to have fun on the field. I love my team, I love my staff, and I am just really excited for the rest of this year.”

On team morale:
“We understand that what we did today is just a step in the big picture. VMI is a great team, and they put up a great fight. We still have to make bigger strides, and we did make some mistakes today so we have to clear those up. We will continue to become a better offense and a better team.”

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