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Virginia vs. William and Mary
November 12, 2010
William and Mary Head Coach Tony Shaver Quotes

Opening Statement
“Well we took a whooping in that second half that’s for sure. I thought the first half was one of the keys to the ball game. I thought the first twenty minutes our defense was outstanding and I thought our ability to battle on the boards was outstanding. I thought our offensive execution was very good. We missed shots and we have to make shots to be a good basketball team. We were fifty percent from the free throw line in the first half and had a lot of open looks from three-point range by good shooters that we didn’t put in. I think that changed the complexion of the game a little bit. And in the second half I really thought their runs came off of poor execution by our offense. They are good defensively. Tony is a great coach. Particularly on that defensive end I think. They are going to be good, but we took some fast shots. We took some quick shots. We had seven turnovers in the second half and all that combined led to I think 14 or 16 fast break baskets, which is really what blew the game up.”

On Marcus Kitts
“It is great to see Marcus on the floor. We were just given clearance yesterday for him to play. He hasn’t practiced in three and a half weeks. Honestly I contemplated not even putting him in uniform tonight because I just wasn’t sure he was even ready. He’s a senior and we thought he deserved this opportunity, so we let him play. He obviously got very fatigued and I think some of the fouls were fatigue fouls. But he is very important to our ball club.”

On a young team
“We need to practice together. We need to have a lot of work together, and we have not had that luxury in this preseason. We have just had so many players out for long periods of time, so we will be better in January and February than we are right now.”

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