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We had a long weekend traveling to Clemson and Georgia Tech. We left Thursday morning for a 7-hour bus ride. We watched movie after movie, played games and like always, had non-stop laughs. Then we practiced, ate and went straight to bed Thursday night in order to get ready for a four-set match the next night.

Saturday morning we drove to Atlanta where we practiced and then participated in one of the funniest meals I have ever had. Coach Lee tried to show my table a magic trick that consisted of making a quarter disappear, but instead, he made the glass disappear (and by disappear I mean he accidentally knocked it off the table and broke it). We all broke out into hysterical laughs and were later treated with chocolate cake and Lee’s favorite, Spumoni.

We played Georgia Tech the next day in the afternoon and left shortly after to head back to good ole Virginia to prepare for the week ahead! All-in-all it was a great bonding experience yet again with 15 of my “family members”.

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