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We all woke up this morning a little more sore than usual, but that only means we are working hard and getting back into the swing of things. Day two of practice consisted of reviewing our defensive techniques as well as practicing our ball control. The second session of the day started off with conditioning, which consisted of 7 different stations. I don’t think the first years enjoyed the bear crawls too much, but they will get used to them soon enough! At the end of the day it was exciting because we finally got to put everything we learned from the past two days together! We did six- on- six drills and got to work on blocking schemes and offensive patterns.

Clearly we all worked up an appetite, because it did not take long for us to devour our sandwiches from Jimmy John’s at lunch. Following lunch, we had guest speakers come in who gave us a presentation about “Step Up.” We learned about bystander intervention and all about when and how someone should help another person. This presentation was useful because it talked about safety and responsibility, which are topics every college student should understand. Today was a productive day and we look forward to continue to get better tomorrow!

Emily Rottman #18

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