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Sophomore midfielder Katie Robinson and the third-ranked Virginia field hockey team hits the road for the first time this season with two non-conference games. The Cavaliers will take on Towson at 1 p.m. Friday in College Park, Md., before traveling to face No. 12 Old Dominion at 1 p.m. Sunday in Norfolk, Va. Robinson, a native of Mount Joy, Pa., recently sat down with to talk about the team’s first road trip, her decision to come to UVa and her favorite spots on Grounds.

Question: What did you take away from opening weekend?
We definitely know what our capabilities are and we know that we have so much potential. We didn’t quite live up to that on Sunday (vs. Penn State). So it’s just about coming together and working as a team on the field and being a unit instead of being individuals.

Question: How is the team chemistry this season?
It’s definitely different but good. I feel like we are closer since a lot of us are all about the same age. We are underclassmen-heavy. It’s been really positive.

Question: What have you learned the most from your first year to second year?
Probably just learning the system even better and knowing what to expect. It’s high intensity everyday. I’ve also learned how to manage all the work. Hockey is most important when you’re on the field, but as soon as you’re done, you’re doing school work and that becomes the focus. It’s also important to make sure you get enough sleep.

Question: What are your expectations for the first road trip to Maryland and Norfolk?
I’m really excited. Road trips are always fun because you are with the whole team for the whole weekend. We have so many road trips this year so you have to stay on top of all your school work especially in the classes you miss.

Question: Why did you decide to come to UVa?
When I first came on my visit junior year of high school I absolutely loved the campus. It’s a pretty good distance between my family and here – it’s only about four hours – and my grandparents live outside of Richmond. Before I would only see them occasionally but now they can come watch my games. It really had everything when it came to school, family and hockey.

Question: What was it like growing up in a big family?
I have two brothers and two sisters and they’re all younger than me. So since I’m the oldest, I kind of felt like I had to lead the way. It is kind of crazy – my mom had the five of us in six years. So we’re all really close in age. My brother Michael is a senior in high school, my brother Chris is a junior, my sister Amanda is now a freshman and my youngest sister Rachel is in seventh grade. Michael is trying to get into West Point and has spent a lot of time working on that. My youngest sister is probably the best athlete in the family, just because she has played against all of us growing up.

Question: Do you know what your major will be yet?
I am planning on applying to the Curry School and I want to major in elementary special education. I don’t know yet what my second major would be – I’m leaning toward sociology. I love working with kids. My summer job is working at a day camp center as counselor back home and I absolutely love it.

Question: What has been your favorite class at UVa?
I really liked my Tibet in Buddhism class. It was probably the most out-there class I have ever taken. We learned meditation styles and the basics of Buddhism. The professor actually lived in Tibet when he was doing grad work so he could speak part of the language. It was just really unique. I really liked my intro to teaching class too because my professor was awesome. That was more on the contemporary issues affecting our education system, how you deal with it and why you need teachers. It really opened my eyes to more of the current stuff.

Question: What do you like to do for fun?
I like watching movies, go shopping, baking and hanging out with the team. I love to make any kind of cookie and anytime my mom comes to the tailgates she makes cinnamon coffee cake. We saw the Change-Up recently and that was pretty good. My all-time favorites are probably the Bourne movies, Toy Story as a kid and Dumb and Dumber.

Question: What is your favorite spot on Grounds?
I love the Lawn. I love walking through there on my way to class. And I spend a lot of time at Celmons Library. That’s where I’m usually stuck studying because it’s open late.

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