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Members of the Virginia women’s basketball team have been blogging throughout the summer and fall. In this edition, sophomore Ataira Franklin (Bowie, Md.) checks in with on Sept. 22, 2011.

So far classes have actually been rather enjoyable. I don’t have any horror stories of grumpy professors that give too much homework or tales about pulling all-nighters to finish 10-page papers. I probably would have last year, but right now, so far so good. For me, I am more focused this semester on fulfilling requirements. From the joys of Spanish class to the mind-boggling facts of Environmental Science, it has become clear to me that I’m ready to take classes that will count towards my major. I am also taking a Zen Religion class. Not only do I become one with the earth, but also one with my pencil as I try to learn about the different components of a religion other than my own. The other class that I am taking is Photography.

Photography is my absolute favorite class. I’m pretty glad I enjoy it because the class is two and a half hours long. I plan on majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in photography. That means this is just the beginning of classes that some might find excruciatingly long. But what can I say? Some like math. Some are into English. Some people even enjoy the wonderful world of economics. I on the other hand, am all about the more creative approach to life. From photography to doodling on the side of my notes, art is always something I look forward to. Before I can even look forward, however, I MUST survive Spanish class!

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