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Freshman right side hitter Tori Janowski (Sterling, Va.) recently checked in with to discuss the first month of the 2011 season and her transition from high school. The Cavaliers host ACC rivals Florida State and Miami this weekend at Memorial Gym.

Question: Why do you play volleyball over other sports?
I play volleyball because it is a great team sport and it’s really easy to share the passion with a bunch of other people and I can easily bond with others.

Question: Did being from Virginia have an impact on your decision to come to UVa?
It didn’t have that big of an impact, but I like being close to home. It’s the perfect distance from home and it has perfect balance between academics and athletics.

Question: What’s the biggest difference between high school and college, first on the court and then outside the gym?
Every motion, every read, every pass has a purpose and every person (in college) has a purpose. Right now college life is a lot more structured. Even though there is a lot more freedom, I have to do this at this time, this at that time, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I get more done this way.

Question: The team opens up its home conference schedule this weekend against Florida State and Miami, how is the team preparing for the matches?
Before we play any team, we like to scout to make sure we’re prepared for their hitters and their defenses. We don’t treat one team more important than the others. This week, we’re working on defense setting up around their hitters. They have a couple big hitters.

Question: After a couple weeks on the road, what’s the biggest difference between home and away matches?
At home, all the fans are from here so the atmosphere is a lot different. On the road, we may have five parents there, so I like playing at home a lot more than on the road.

Question: What’s your favorite class so far and what would like to pursue after college?
It is probably international relations. I’ve never taken a politics class before, but I like it so far. I wanted to do pre-med, but now I like politics, so I don’t know!

Question: What’s your favorite sport other than volleyball?
Basketball. My brother plays and I love going to his games. It has a great energy.

Question: What’s your first memory of volleyball?
I was 10 and trying out for my first club or travel team. I was really nervous about not making the team even though my dad was the coach!

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