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Virginia vs. Idaho
Oct. 1, 2011
Virginia Head Coach Mike London Quotes

Opening statement:
“That was probably an ugly football game right there, but in the end, what matters is that we found a way to win it. It’s a huge win for us going into this bye week. It sets a mindset and tone that it’s better to be 3-2 right now, and have some opportunities to be off and get some guys healed. Cam Johnson didn’t play today because of a lower leg injury. It was just one of those things that the “next man up” mentality had to play, I’m proud of the effort. I think the defense played extremely well and did a great job keeping us in the game, even though in the first half we had three turnovers. I appreciate the resilience of the entire team to hang in there and keep swinging.”

On the end of the first half:
“There’s six seconds left on the clock, and we’re going to take a shot in the end zone. If the guy wasn’t open, I wanted Michael to throw it out of the end zone and have at least a second on the clock to kick a field goal. I guess everyone saw the scramble opportunity. Instead of going down, I guess he thought he might have had the opportunity to get into the end zone. It was a mistake that cost us three points at the end of the half. It’s a learning issue with him. We just have to make sure in those situations when you’re trying to get points in the time you have on the clock, that you are fully alert and aware of those.”

On Dominique Terrell:
“You’re playing in college football games now. The fact is that we’re trying to come up with plays that utilize guys’ abilities. That’s a glimpse of what he can do. We’ve just got to keep trying to put them in these situations so they can be successful.”

On the blocked punt:
“I believe that, without seeing the film, it might have just been a timing issue. The ball snapped, catch the ball, get it off. I don’t think the snap was bad. It didn’t look like it. I don’t know if the shield or the wall that’s upfront had leakage, or I don’t know if Jimmy (Howell) took too much time hanging onto it and trying to kick it. Regardless of whatever happened, it got blocked, and it’s not supposed to get blocked. We’ve got to do a better job because that was a big time play right there, a big momentum change. We’ve got to look at a lot of special teams issues to make sure we sure up what we’re doing. Those possessions and opportunities to flip the field are critical. We’ll look at it and make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

On changing quarterbacks four times in the second half:
“We’re trying to find a rhythm with David and with Michael. There are some good things and some bad things. We’re going to take a long look at this game with the open week that’s coming up to solidify whether it’s positions or the type of plays that we have to run or the type of plays we have to get rid of or the type of defenses that we need. There’s going to be a look at everything we’re doing and who’s doing it. There has to be when you have an open week.”

On assessment of the team this far into the season:
“We’re a team that is trying to learn how to win games and trying to eliminate those momentum changers – sometimes that happen. Whether you’re at home or on the road, things happen in the game. Other teams are allowed to play hard. They’re allowed to make plays and be able to bounce back from those things that happen. You learn how to play the game by executing. There were a couple things out there that weren’t executed properly, but that’s why you practice. It’s always good that you learn something with an ugly win or tough win or however you want to characterize it, because it becomes a motivating tool. When you come into the locker room after a hard-fought game like that, and there were some miscues that caused you to lose, then your whole attitude goes south. If you come in the locker room after the turnovers and things that happen, understanding what you have to do to win, then your mindset and the psychology of it points you in the other direction. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what we have to do. As I said, I think the bye week came at a perfect time for us.”

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