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Virginia vs. Idaho
Oct. 1, 2011
Virginia Player Quotes

Senior Wide Receiver Kris Burd
On the game:

“We did our job and scored more points than the other team. Our defense played a great game and it was a collected effort.”

On getting the win going into the bye week:
“It was very important. We were coming off a two-game skid in the middle of our four game home stretch. We talked amongst teammates and with the coaches about needing a touchup. It’s do-or-die for us right now. We have to make a statement, hold our own ground and come out with a victory. We did that tonight.”

On if there was a sense of relief when Idaho missed the two-point conversion:
“It was definitely a grind of a game. I don’t know if there was a sense of relief because we played all the way until the end. To know all the work we put in during the week, the 60 minutes plus overtime, we got the win. That’s a great feeling knowing all that work you put in adding the W into that column.”

On Georgia Tech:
“Our coaches are great coaches and they are going to use this week to get us focused and tuned up. They (Georgia Tech) run the triple option down there and they are going to get our defense tuned up. It is valuable time and we are going to take it seriously to better ourselves as a team and get ourselves ready for Georgia Tech.”

Junior Linebacker Steve Greer
On Idaho going for two:
“I was definitely anticipating the game going to another overtime. It was a huge play. When the wide receivers started scrambling a little bit, our guys did a good job of finding them and making a play on the ball.”

On the defensive effort:
“I was really proud of the defense. Everyone, as far as assignments and effort go, just played really hard today. The defense went out and capitalized on some plays and really made a name for ourselves.”

On getting the win:
“It’s really big. One of the things we talk about is to keep going no matter the cost. It seemed like a lot of things went against us this game, but overcoming adversity is huge for the young guys.”

Sophomore quarterback Michael Rocco
On how the team can improve:

“We need to work on finishing drives and putting points on the board offensively. I can’t speak defensively. Offensively we’re heading in the right direction but we just need to score points when necessary or when needed.”

On quarterback rotation:
“You just have to find a rhythm for yourself. It’s a coach’s decision – just whoever they decide to put in the game. You just have to cheer the other guy on and stay focused and loose and warm. You just have to find your own rhythm.”

On the first interception:
“They started blitzing a lot and it was just kind of tough to get things going. We had big plays here and there, but overall we got stalled on drives that we should’ve finished. Just because they’re bringing a lot of pressure, it’s still our job to put points on the board.”

Senior cornerback Chase Minnifield
On the game:

“It was an ugly game. I’ll go ahead and admit that. It was a game where we went to the max but we didn’t break. It was a great learning process. I’m glad my team played resiliently and they kept on fighting. That was a good sign.”

On the defensive performance:
“We had a good performance defensively. I think that was one of our best defensive performances under Coach London. We played well upfront and had good pressure. We played well in the secondary-we could’ve played better though. But we competed, and that’s all that matters defensively. You compete and play as hard as you can.”

Freshman quarterback David Watford
On overtime score:

“We were just trying to fight back and we were able to pull it out. It felt really good. I told the offensive line that I was going to lead them down there and that we were going to score. They had confidence and faith in me that I was going to get the ball in the endzone.”

On game-winning touchdown pass:
“We knew we had a good chance. I was trying to deliver a good ball for [Dominique Terrell.] Mo [Morgan Moses] just made a great block and Dom was able to stay on his feet. He has great balance. Everybody was just excited when that happened. I knew we had a good chance to win this ballgame.”

On emotions during two-point conversion:
“I was just really confident in our defense. I knew we could stop them. No matter what happened, I was just proud of our defense. Our defense played a great game and I was just really confident in them. No matter what happened I knew our defense was going to stop them.”

On quarterback rotation:
“I was just trying to get into a rhythm-just complete passes and just lead the team.”

Junior tailback Perry Jones
On his performance:
“I knew I was going to have a big role in this game. The coaches told me that. I came out and we fought hard without Kevin Parks. I had to pick up a little more slack, and I’m glad I could help my team out.”

On status of injured running back Kevin Parks:
“The bye week’s going to help, but I think even if we had a game this week, I think he would’ve played. He was just on the borderline. We just didn’t want to risk it. I think he’s going to be good to go for the Georgia Tech game.”

On how the team can improve:
“I don’t think there’s one specific thing. I just think it’s all the little things that are going to help us out.”

Freshman wide receiver Dominique Terrell
On his TD catch:

“We’d been calling it in practice. I didn’t think we were going to use it in a game so when they called it I was surprised. I took a couple steps, caught the pass. All I saw was daylight, and I ran to it. I got hit a little bit and thought I was going to fall but I kept my feet. I just thought, ‘I need to do it. This is my play.'”

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