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Sophomore middle blocker Mallory Woolridge recently spoke with about her 10-block performance at NC State on Oct. 15 and upcoming matches against Clemson and Georgia Tech.

Question: You had a career-high 10 blocks against NC State last Saturday, including four in a row, tell us about your performance.
Against UNC the night before, it wasn’t one of my best games. I was kind of quiet and didn’t do too much. So I was really determined coming out against NC State first of all to get a win to help the team and to do my best and play all-out. I was playing well and the third set rolls around and I already had one really nasty block. So I get one block and I was really excited, then get another and another and my teammates said the look on my face was priceless because I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t feel like I was doing anything differently so I was just really happy.

Question: What is the best part about getting that perfect stuff block?
It’s a feeling that unexplainable. Personally, when I get a couple blocks I get really confident so I go up bigger and stronger and that’s why once I get a couple I usually get more. Just feeling them hit that ball as hard as they can and it going straight down to the floor without them even having a chance to touch it, there’s nothing like it.

Question: Which is more satisfying, a big kill or a stuff block?
It depends, I love getting kills that go straight down, but when you get that block where it hits your hand and you know it’s going down, there’s nothing better than both of those, so its about equal.

Question: How is the team preparing for this weekend’s matches against Clemson and Georgia Tech?
The week before is always a hard week of practice and preparation. Personally, coming out of the NC State game, I’m really fired up for this weekend. I want to play like that every time. I’m feeling really feisty, competitive and ready to win.

Question: How did you end up at UVa?
I live in Richmond, so I realized I wanted to stay closer to home, but still wanted to be away from home, just not super far. I was excited about the new coaching staff and wanted to play in my home state.

Question: What do you like about coming to UVa?
I absolutely love the campus. People think since I live close to home that I go home a lot, but I never really do, I love it here, just the beautiful campus and knowing that I’m getting an amazing education.

Question: What are you looking to do after your volleyball career at Virginia?
I’m going to try and get my master’s in education. I want to teach maybe third or fifth grade, haven’t really decided yet, but I want to teach in elementary school.

Question: What is your favorite class?
Sign language. I love it. I didn’t want to take another Spanish class, didn’t want to have to deal with conjugated verbs. This class is very hard, but it’s fun, it’s hands-on and the teacher is the sweetest person.

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