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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-The Virginia rowing team concluded its fall schedule Sunday morning with the Rivanna Romp on the Rivanna Reservoir. The Cavaliers competed against crews from Clemson, Old Dominion and Pennsylvania.

The ‘Hoos finished 1-2-3 in the varsity eights, with UVa’s ‘A’ boat earning its third straight win in a time of 13:44.88. Along with wins at the Head of the Charles and the Princeton Chase, it is the first time in Virginia history a boat has gone undefeated in the fall. UVa’s fourth boat placed sixth in the varsity eights.

“It was great to get three boats in the top-3,” head coach Kevin Sauer said. “I’m pleased with how well we did and the depth that we showed, but Clemson and Penn did a good job to win the fours and the novice eights, congrats to them.

“It was a good fall for everyone on the team,” Sauer continued. “We had some great results, but it’s up to us to have a good winter that sets us up to have a good spring.”

In the novice eights, Virginia finished second in a time of 15:24.92 to Penn, who won the race in 15:13.44.

Clemson won the fours in 15:49.30, while Virginia placed second, third, fourth, sixth and 10th. UVa finished first and second in the doubles in 16:16.80 and 16:39.90, respectively.

“We were pleased to see the continued development of the depth of our team,” associate head coach Steve Pritzker said. “We were happy for the athletes to see their work from the fall borne out in the results today and look forward to the sprint season in the spring.”

The spring season begins on March 10, with a scrimmage against Michigan State in Marion, Va.

Virginia Line-ups
Varsity Eights A:
Coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Kristine O’Brien, Sarah Cowburn, Fiona Schlesinger, Martha Kuzzy, Brandy Herald, Susanne Grainger, Chandler Lally, Cara Linnekohl

Varisty Eights B: Coxswain Molly Frear, Marelle Myers, Maggie Bowman-Jones, Sarah Borchelt, Katie Fanikos, Lizzy Youngling, Maddie Keating, Carli Goldberg, Morgan Joseph

Varsity Eights C: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, MacKenzie Leahy, Ruth Retzinger, Kaity McCullough, Carolyn Glandorf, Jenny Shultis, Chelsea Simpson, Catherine Multari, Elle Murray

Varsity Eights D: Coxswain Sarah Shanfield, Mary Nilan, Frankie Lauritano, Betsy Nilan, Keziah Beall, Liza Tullis, Veronica Jones, Anna Kobayashi, Emily Pik

Novice Eights: Coxswain Hayley LaFleche, Hannah Yoest, Chloe Carry, Caroline Burke, Lexie Katz, Kensi Blodgett, Julia Truelove, Andi McPartland, Nora Willkomm

Fours A: Coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Fiona Schlesinger, Martha Kuzzy, Keziah Beall, Chandler Lally

Fours B: Coxswain Brittany Wengel, Maddie Keating, Katie Fanikos, Maggie Bowman-Jones, Sarah Borchelt

Fours C: Coxswain Molly Frear, Marelle Myers, Kristine O’Brien, Susanne Grainger, Morgan Joseph

Fours D: Coxswain Camille Hochheimer, Kaity McCullough, Jenny Shultis, Catherine Multari, Veronica Jones

Fours E: Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Ruth Retzinger, Carolyn Glandorf, Chelsea Simpson, MacKenzie Leahy

Fours F: Coxswain Isabella Artiles-Gonzalez, Mary Nilan, Frankie Lauritano, Emily Pik, Ashley Hendrickson

Fours G: Coxswain Julia Roithmayr, Ellen Buckley, Caroline Schieber, Jessica Ashworth, Kate Meredith

Doubles A: Carli Goldberg, Cara Linnenkohl

Doubles B: Sarah Cowburn, Lizzy Youngling

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