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What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make going from playing high school to playing in college?

It has definitely been adjusting to this defensive system. With the pack-line defense, there is a lot to learn and a lot to remember. You have to know when to pressure the ball and where you are supposed to be when you are away from the ball. It makes us a tough defensive team, but it takes a while to learn all the details.

What have you tried to focus on most this season?

I have put a lot of time into my defense. Both as a team and as an individual, if your defense is good that will help you offensively too. The veterans all have one or two years of playing in the pack-line and I have spent a lot of time to feel comfortable in that system.

You have been playing a lot of minutes this season. Did you expect to make an immediate impact during your freshman season?

I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into the season. There are a lot of great players, veterans, on this team. I wanted to take advantage of any opportunities that I had and so far I have gotten a chance to help this team. The transition has been anything but smooth. I have had some ups and downs, but my teammates and coaches have helped me through it.

What have the veteran guards on this team, Sammy Zeglinski and Jontel Evans, done or said to help you adjust to college?

They have told me to keep my head up. They say how everybody goes through tough times as a freshman. They tell me how they got through it. In practice, they help me to get better every day. Earlier in the year, Jontel would dominate me in practice and it forced me to raise my game. They have made me a better player in a short period of time.

You had your first double-figure scoring game in the win over No. 14 Michigan. What went into that performance?

I feel like I had some good looks and I just made them. As the season has gone along, I have gained confidence with each game. It felt great to have a good game and help the team get a big win.

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