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Virginia 53, UMass 38
2011 Marriott Cavalier Classic
Dec. 29, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
Opening statement:

“I’m just excited that we finished non-conference at 12-2. It’s been a process of learning each other but it’s been a great process. We’re excited to start conference play.”

On what she has learned about her team:
“I was really pleased yesterday (Wednesday vs. Wagner) with how aggressive our defense was and how they really bought in; so much of that created our offense. Today, we had to play a lot more man (defense), which we have not worked on. I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to switch into something that we don’t normally work on and do pretty well.”

On switching from zone to man defense:
“They (UMass) were shooting the ball really well, especially their two guards. I don’t think we were moving as quickly as we could have and I don’t think we were communicating well. They were hitting everything so we had to come out of it; probably should have come out a little bit sooner. The thing I appreciate about the team is that no matter what we are doing, they’re buying into it and fighting for it. I thought they did that tonight.”

On opening ACC play at Duke:
“We’re going to have to play them at some point so why not the first game of the season. I haven’t been back in there for a game since I was [an assistant coach]. There are friends and a lot of people supporting us and wishing us well so it will be good; it will be interesting. The great thing about it is that it’s so different from (playing) Cal, thank goodness. I don’t know those players, I didn’t coach them, I didn’t recruit them. It’s a very different feeling going into a gym when those aren’t your players. But it’s a building, a special building, but it’s all about what we’re going to try and do down there.”

Virginia Guard Ataira Franklin
On the game:

“There were times in the game where it was definitely frustrating for us. (UMass) was hitting everything and it was kind of deflating, even if we were flying around. We would run out hard to contest a shot and they would still drain it. When we went man (defense), it was pretty much just about heart. Can you lock up and take care of business? For me, I was just trying to stay focused, especially since my shots weren’t falling.”

On finishing 12-2 in nonconference play:
“I think it gives us confidence. We are still a team that is trying to build an identity. We are starting to be known as a defensive team. We are more confident but there is still a lot more learning to do about ourselves, building more team chemistry and buying into the system the coaches have in place.”

On opening ACC play:
“We are definitely looking forward to it. The biggest thing we are trying to focus on this year is us. We can’t really worry about what other teams are doing right now; we just have to stay consistent in the way we play.”

Virginia Guard Lexie Gerson
On her two 3-pointers early in the second half:

“Whenever someone makes a 3-pointer we all get excited, and we were looking for someone to score or something big to happen. It was the boost we needed to get going.”

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