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No. 11 Miami at Virginia
Jan. 19, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Virginia Head Coach Joanne Boyle
On four close losses to ranked ACC teams:
“We just don’t have a lot of margin for error and we did all the things that we needed to do defensively. We executed for the most part throughout the game. We forced 27 turnovers. It was probably our poorest free throw shooting night that we have had all year. We had 24 attempts at the line and made 11. I think that in particular really hurt us.”

On having unsung heroes step up during the first half:
“We got some great minutes from Jazmin [Pitts] and Kelsey [Wolfe], two who don’t particularly play those many minutes. Ariana [Moorer] was a leading ball handler for 40 minutes and I thought she did a great job as well.”

On Ariana Moorer’s game tonight:
“When she wants to go to the rim, nobody can stop her. We told her tonight that we needed to play north-south and not east-west. She bought into that, and I thought she did a great job.”

On a strong defensive game tonight:
“They just stayed together throughout the whole game. It was just nip and tuck the whole time. We changed some things out. For the most part I thought the kids did a great job staying together and understanding who to take shots away from and how to guard them. I thought we did a great job defensively.”

On Miami’s game tonight:
“I’m not going to take anything from Miami. They fought for it and they won. I think we can control more things and obviously making free throws throughout the game is important.”

Sophomore Guard Ataira Franklin
On foul trouble:
“We are used to a certain flow because Chelsea and I usually do play major minutes. Like Coach said, Jazmin and Kelsey stepped up tremendously for us. Ariana really turned it up tonight. There are going to be days like that and all you can ask is for people to step it up.”

Sophomore Forward Jazmin Pitts
On taking the final shot:
“It just came out. I knew there were only one or two seconds left so I just kind of had to shoot it.”

On stepping up tonight:
“It definitely feels good to be able to step up for my team in a major game like this. When your number is called, you just have to be ready.”

Miami Head Coach Katie Meier

On a tough win in the ACC:

“That’s life in the ACC. It is. And that was our deal last year too. You know, I understand we’re returning our starters but the margin for error in this league is so small and that’s just how it goes. So, you come out with any road victory and we’re going to celebrate it. That’s a heck of a win and a big time RPI win for us. Virginia was playing people tough; they were tough at Duke and they were tough at Maryland and we knew we were in for a fight.”

On not having more than a one-point lead until the second half:
“I thought we had a five-point lead and we had them but then we threw the ball directly at them twice in a row. But that’s good, they mask their defenses well and they stunt some passes. And Joanne [Boyle}, I can’t tell you what a great job she’s doing.”

On unique styles of play by ACC teams:
“It is crazy. There isn’t an ACC style. There isn’t. You say that looks like a Big East team or that looks like a Big 12 team or that’s a Pac 10 team or whatever the conference names are these days, but for us it is matchup to matchup. I really didn’t like this matchup; I did not like it.”

On having big play of Shenise Johnson:
“It’s tough because we lost Morgan [Stroman] and [Riquna] Williams wasn’t feeling that well, so it was Shenise and some kids who are not used to playing those roles. You have to get excited as a coach. I’m excited for the kids because they got to step up and do some special things.”

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