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First year members of the Virginia softball team will be revealing 25 random facts about themselves to each week as the Cavaliers gear up for the 2012 season. Up next is infielder Megan Harris, a native of Knoxville, Tenn. Virginia opens the year Feb. 10-12 at East Carolina’s Pirate Classic in Greenville, N.C.

1. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo. I can quote over half of the movie!

2. I can only shop for a maximum of two stores at a time.

3. I am going to get a cute mutt and name it Toby someday.

4. The only nickname that has ever stuck is Mego.

5. I am going to Germany this summer! Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

6. I am the youngest of four kids, but one time in a drama class in high school I accidently said I was the youngest of three.

7. I love chilling on the couch in a warm fleece blanket and a book (as long as its not a text book).

8. I danced for 10 years when I was little. I was even on the middle school and high school dance team.

9. Chocolate chip cookies are the best!

10. I was a master escape artist when I was a toddler. No playpen had high enough walls.

11. I had a beta fish name fishy.

12. I want to be a special education teacher after I graduate.

13. Pink spider mums are my favorite flowers.

14. I have always wanted a slide like on PB and J Otter.

15. Yes, I was born in raised in Tennessee, and no, I do not have a super southern accent.

16. My favorite cake is white cake with white frosting. So good!

17. When I was four, my favorite part of soccer was snack time. They had the best oranges.

18. I have played softball for over 10 years.

19. My favorite color is purple.

20. When I went camping when I was little, a bear came up to our tent at night.

21. Favorite softball acronym: BAOF!

22. I hit three home runs in one game.

23. Andy Dyer is my hero.

24. Pinkberry is my favorite frozen yogurt ever.

25. I like balloons.

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