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LAKE MONTICELLO, Va.-The No. 1 Virginia rowing team won 10 races on the first day of the UVa Invitational on Lake Monticello Saturday (April 14).

In the morning session, the Cavaliers won all five races against Michigan State, including the first Varsity Eight, second Varsity Eight, first Varsity Four, second Varsity Four and Novice Eight.

The first Varsity Eight won in a time of 6:22.0 to 6:33.3, while the second Varsity Eight went neck-and-neck with Michigan State and pulled out a close 6:43.5-6:44.6 victory. Both the first and second Varsity Four won by about 15 seconds (7:27.0-7:42.7 and 7:39.9-7:54.8, respectively), and the Novice Eight was victorious by a time of 7:09.5 to 7:21.6.

Also in the morning session, UVa’s third Varsity Four defeated Clemson 7:48.1 to 7:57.0, while the Cavaliers’ Novice Four (8:44.0) fell to two Clemson boats (8:06.1 and 8:06.7).

In the afternoon session, Virginia defeated Notre Dame and Northeastern in three races, first Varsity Eight, second Varsity Eight and Varsity Four. The Cavaliers took the 1V8 in 6:23.2, ahead of the Irish (6:35.4) and the Huskies (6:41.8) and the 2V8 by a small margin over Notre Dame (6:46.2-6:48.8) and Northeastern in 7:05.9. In the V4, UVa won in a time of 7:28.0 to ND’s 7:34.3 and Northeastern’s 8:05.7.

The Cavaliers’ Novice Eight defeated Clemson’s third Varsity Eight, 7:14.3 to 7:47.5, while UVa’s Novice Four (8:24.8) fell to Clemson’s two N4’s (7:58.4 and 8:06.5, respectively).

In between the morning and afternoon sessions, the Cavaliers dedicated its newest boat to UVa Director of Athletics Craig Littlepage. The boat will be rowed by the first Varsity Eight and was first used Saturday.

“It’s a recognition of what Craig has done for this department,” head coach Kevin Sauer said. “He doesn’t get a lot of credit, but his leadership has facilitated many of the successes we have had. We’re naming this boat after him because of the vision he had; like fully funding all of our sports and the capital projects we’ve taken on to upgrade our facilities. Those are the kinds of things that make a difference, so as a rowing program, this is just a small token of appreciation and I am honored to be able to do this.”

Virginia also recognized its 19 seniors in a ceremony marking their final home regatta. In four years, the class of 2012 has been a part of the 2010 NCAA team championship, a 2010 national champion boat (Varsity Four) and two ACC titles.

“It’s going to be a big loss,” Sauer said. “This class is going to leave a great legacy and associate head coach Steve Pritzker said it best, ‘across the board they have made an impact.’ Whether it’s in the V8 or the 3V8 or the 4s, there have been contributions everywhere. This has been a tremendous class and the largest one we’ve ever had.”

The start of action Sunday (April 15) has been moved to 8 a.m., on Lake Monticello, with the Varsity 8’s going on the water first.

Virginia Lineups:

First Varsity Eight: Coxswain Sidney Thorsten, Keziah Beall, Martha Kuzzy, Kristine O’Brien, Sarah Cowburn, Fiona Schlesinger, Susanne Grainger, Hemingway Benton, Carli Goldberg

Second Varsity Eight: Coxswain Christine Candland, MacKenzie Leahy, Chandler Lally, Elle Murray, Kaitlin Fanikos, Lizzy Youngling, Sarah Borchelt, Morgan Joseph, Cara Linnenkohl

Third Varsity Eight (Afternoon): Coxswain Brittany Wengel, Liza Tullis, Emily Pik, Marelle Myers, Francesca Lauritano, Betsy Nilan, Chelsea Simpson, Mary Nilan,

First Varsity Four (Morning): Coxswain Molly Frear, Ruth Retzinger, Kaity McCullough, Carolyn Glandorf, Hunter Terry

First Varsity Four (Afternoon): Coxswain Sarah Jordan, Ruth Retzinger, Kaity McCullough, Carolyn Glandorf, Hunter Terry

Second Varsity Four (Morning): Coxwain Sarah Jordan, Marelle Myers, Chelsea Simpson, Liza Tullis, Francesca Lauritano

Third Varsity Four (Morning): Coxswain Sarah Shanfield, Betsy Nilan, Emily Pik, Catherine Multari, Ann Reid

Novice Eight (Morning): Coxswain Hayley LaFleche, Chloe Carry, Andie McPartland, Lexie Katz, Hannah Yoest, Katie Hillson, Veronica Jones, Emily Crump, Julia Truelove

Novice Eight (Afternoon): Coxswain Isabella Artiles Gonzalez, Chloe Carry, Andie McPartland, Lexie Katz, Hannah Yoest, Katie Hillson, Caroline Burke, Emily Crump, Julia Truelove

Novice Four (Morning): Coxswain Julia Roithmayr, Kensie Blodgett, Paula Lewis, Emily Meissel, Feilun Wu

Novice Four (Afternoon): Coxswain Kristine Viray, Kensie Blodgett, Paula Lewis, Emily Meissel, Laura Griffith

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