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Virginia vs. North Carolina (ACC Semifinals)

April 20, 2012


Head Coach Dom Starsia

On what went wrong:

“I thought we played really hard. It was a great effort overall. We made some great plays to the very end. We never stopped battling. It is a lot to be proud of there. That’s really all you can ask of your team. At the same time, against a high caliber opponent, we made too many mistakes and didn’t cash in at the opportune moments in order to give ourselves a lead and breathing room. It feels like we have been a little bit unlucky but you make your own luck at the same time. We are struggling a little bit right now, but if we keep working the way that we have been, then I think we will punch our way out of this and be fine.”

On moving on:

“It is a great group. There is not a reason to be discouraged. Again, you are looking for a team that is willing to fight. I thought we played smart at the end, but we just couldn’t get a key goal when we had to have it. It just seemed that they were able to get one when they needed it.”

On who is to blame:

“There is no blame to be assigned. Again, all you can ask of your team is to make an effort like they did out there. I thought it was a great lacrosse game. Both teams battled the whole way. I thought we made a lot of smart plays in the last five minutes of the game to get the ball. We never stopped battling. We just need to shoot a little better and be a step quicker on defense. There were a couple little things that hurt us tonight that we need to clean up. We are struggling a little bit right now, but I have confidence in this group. They are a great group of guys. How we played tonight is how we work every day, and that is all you can ask for.”

Virginia Player Quotes

Senior Steele Stanwick

On the overall game:

“We played hard and North Carolina played great. We gave a great effort, but we just were not sharp enough and had too many turnovers early on. We were not sharp enough on the offensive end.”

On accomplishing goals:

“We can still accomplish everything that we want to accomplish. We will get into the tournament and give it our best shot. We just didn’t put our best foot forward the last two games, but no need to panic.”

On what was different tonight:

“I think they just made a couple more plays than we did, and they were able to capitalize on a few more and we just weren’t sharp enough.”

Senior Collin Briggs

On tonight’s game:

“It is another reality check that we are not good enough to play sloppy and come out with the win. The good thing that we have taken away from this is that we made a lot of mistakes, but we are still in the game. We haven’t faced a team that we don’t think that we can beat. We just have to keep playing and sharpen up the edges, and I think we will be fine.”

Senior Matt Lovejoy

On the games ahead:

“Unfortunately we lost, but we have to take away the positives. We get two days of rest, and then show up on Monday with our helmets strapped and ready to go play some blue collar lacrosse. It all starts with us winning ground balls and getting back out there and having a great week of practice.”

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