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Virginia vs. Penn State
Sept. 8, 2012
Penn State Player Quotes
Senior Quarterback Matt McGloin
On his elbow:
“Unfortunately it was the same spot, you’re going to have days like that, it happens. It’s bruised up and a little swollen, nothing that ice and Motrin can’t fix.”
On not starting the second half:
“As a competitor, you don’t ever want to be taken off the field in any situation. I just told Coach O’Brien if he needed me I was ready to go in. I was just trying to keep my arm from getting stiff, but he had the last call there.”
On talking to the team before the last drive:
“We knew we had to make a play, a two-minute play is something we do in practice each and every day. We did it successfully there, and we got down to field goal range and we unfortunately couldn’t finish.”
On talking to Sam Ficken after the game:
“There’s nothing really you could say. It happens, it’s not what won or lost us the game. A couple plays here and there lost it, Sam did not lose us the game whatsoever.”
On playing on the road and fans:
“It feels the same, I don’t pay too much attention to it. You definitely have to change your cadence up and be more vocal, but at the same time we have the greatest fans in the country and they are going to follow us wherever we go.”
Sophomore Wide Receiver Alex Kenney
Alex Kenney on making progress as an offense:
“You saw us move the ball, players were making plays […] and we were able to move the ball down the field.”
On fitting into the offense:
“Yes, I try to do whatever I’m taught in practice. Coach Hicks is doing a great job, and if I get the ball I’m just going to try and make the play.”
Redshirt Freshman Right Guard John Urschel
On how he’s taking the loss:
“We’ve had two close games and we just need to go back on Monday and start preparing and try to get a victory against Navy.”
On the offensive line breaking down:
“Matt definitely got pressured more than last weekend. We are just going to go back, look at the film and try to improve on those things. We are going to try towork better as offensive line, try to get back to fundamentals so that we can keep Matt safe in the pocket.”
On Matt’s shoulder:
“The guy’s a warrior, he loves to play football and loves to battle. He got banged up, but he came back out there, he worked hard and he’s definitely a big leader of this team. He definitely showed his poise today.”
Senior Cornerback Stephon Morris
On Sam Ficken:
“We just told him to keep his head up. We’re all going through the same thing, nobody said anything negative to him. Its not his fault, you can’t blame one person.”
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