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Nov. 9, 2012

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On UVa taking over after 19-19
Honestly, I think it happened before 19-19. You look at the situation and it looked like we were in the basketball game, but we were getting point production from one kid. I think Kirby at that point had 15 points. When you have one kid scoring for you, eventually it’s going to fall apart.

On UVa’s paint presence
I’m extremely concerned. Especially when our best post player was a kid who hasn’t practiced all year long in Kanita Shepherd. We weren’t getting the ball down there. Sometimes we tried to force it, and we didn’t come up with it. So it’s definitely going to be a concern with us all year.

On Tarik Hislop
She did not play well at all. And you can look past the shot selection, she and I were not on the same page throughout the basketball game. I was disappointed in her leadership. We have two very seasoned seniors on our basketball team but neither of those girls looked it or led like it. But the beauty of it is that they are both winners, and I think they’ll bounce back and be ready to go Sunday.

On Kirby Burkholder
She shot the ball extremely. She’s been doing that and worked extremely hard on her shot. I guess the juries out on her now and she’s definitely a shooter, so she’ll gain a lot of attention from opponents. But she did well, and I was proud of her other than her 6 turnovers.

On JMU’s turnovers
I think a lot of it leans on the fact that we did not have good leadership. Whether it was Nikki[Newman] not being Nikki or Tarik[Hislop] not being Tarik, and those are two kids that handle the ball for us the most and whether they were making turnovers or getting the ball out of their hands and allowing others to make turnovers, it was uncharacteristic. But I think it was UVa’s zone made us stagnant, and we tried to pass through their hands as opposed to passing around them.

On JMU’s game Sunday
We’ll get up early tomorrow, watch the film of this game to learn from our mistakes then we’ll get ready for Quinnipiac.

On rivalry with UVa
We knew it was going to be personal, just like when they come to the Convocation Center it will be personal. And we’ll be ready for them when they come back over there. But it really is becoming a rivalry, you look at this game and we’ve played them. Everyone on my team has played the university of Virginia more than they’ve played the university of Delaware. We’ve played UVa 5 times in the last 4 years and Delaware four times. And with us winning three of those and them winning two, it is going to generate some kind of interest and some kind of animosity. But it’s a good game, it’s a very good game. And they deserved it, they beat us in every aspect. But we’ll learn from it and the beauty is that it’s a home and home series and they come back to us next year.

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