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Dec. 29, 2012

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Virginia coach Joanne Boyle:

On the game:
“Excited to win the tournament. You fight for things every year, and one of those things you fight for is to win a tournament, and great to put back-to-back games together heading into ACC play.”

On UVa’s play:
“I thought we played with more effort. I thought China in particular had a great floor tournament; she played a really good floor game for us. I thought we were really tuned in and I thought we executed better.”

On tonight’s defense:
“Tonight it was really good. Obviously Xavier is a different level of team that we played. We had a really short turnaround time between last night and today’s game, so we really had to talk to them about some things that we wanted to do that we normally don’t do, and I think they really focused in on that and did a great job.”

On Sarah Imovbioh:
“She’s learning and she’s growing, and her biggest asset is that she can rebound for us. So she serves a role there. If she can catch the ball and calm down then she’s a physical presence for us. Obviously she’s still learning the game and doesn’t understand a lot of that, but she was vital for us tonight. We were dry, and I don’t care if they were ugly points, she gave them to us.”

On upcoming ACC play
“This weekend was really good for us. We needed it for our confidence, getting back-to-back wins, to work through things we’ve been struggling with. I also think we had really good team chemistry tonight. All of those things that you want, not to say that they’re perfected, but heading into ACC play they’re only going to benefit us.”

Senior Point Guard China Crosby:

On turnovers:
“Yesterday I challenged myself to have no turnovers and when I had that one where I threw it away I was angry because I know I can do a better job. The ball is in my hands probably 90% of the time, so most of the assists and turnovers are going to come from me. So I challenged myself tonight, too, to not have any turnovers. I still had two silly ones, but I think I’m doing a much better job in that aspect of the game.”

On Ataira Franklin’s defense:
“Frankie’s been playing that spot since last year. She owns that spot. Whenever we have anyone else there we tell them to have Frankie arms. That’s her spot. She’s tall and has long arms, and not to say Kelsey[Wolfe] doesn’t do a good job, but we would rather have Frankie up there.

Senior forward Telia McCall:

On rebounding:
“It was definitely a big topic of conversation at halftime. One person said they were up by eight, and we said we needed to box out because that’s one thing we have been doing well in getting rebounds, so we just needed to buckle down and box out and get the rebounds.”

On being MVP:
“I wasn’t expecting it, especially since I didn’t score at all in the second half. But I guess it’s all about the little things: getting rebounds, playing defense, getting passes to my teammates.”

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