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The Wahoo Central Chat Room with UVa Football Players Jake Snyder and Billy Skrobacz

Virginia football players Jake Snyder and Billy Skrobacz chat live Friday, Sept. 20 at 11 a.m.

The Cavaliers face VMI Saturday at 3:30 p.m. at Scott Stadium. It is Military Appreciation Day.

Submit your questions now. Questions will not appear until the chat starts. Remember the players cannot answer questions regarding the recruitment of prospective student-athletes.

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Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome to today’s Wahoo Central Chat. Joining us today in Wahoo Central are UVa football players Jake Snyder and Billy Skrobacz.

They are ready for your questions. You can use the form at the bottom of the chat to submit a question. Please indicate which player you would like to answer, or both.

Here we go.

Richmond, VA: What expectations do you have for your team from here on out?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: We want to keep getting better and keep improving. We want to put up more points on offense and I know the guys on defense want to do the opposite, keep teams from putting up any points.
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: We want to keep getting better and win every game starting with VMI tomorrow.
Chuckie (Orlando, Fla.): Billy, is it true the the team ran Spider 2 Y Banana for you in the first game. The fullback is always open, right? Did you take it to the house?
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Billy Skrobacz: (Laughs). The fullback is ALWAYS open on Spider 2 Y Banana. Unfortunately, that was the only negative yardage catch in the game.

Next time you can expect to see some spin moves, hurdles and a lot of athletic ability after the catch.

Jacob: Jake and Billy, what is the funniest moment you two have shared together?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: Back in high school at good ole Deep Run we drank a bunch of egg nog just before practice to see if we could make it through and keep it down … we DIDN’T
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: We ran the most successful political campaign in high school history … I became the Vice President of Deep Run. Billy wasn’t running for anything, but he was my advisor and his face was on all the posters.
Michelle: Billy, any thoughts on a career in comedy after football?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: If Mark Harmon can go from being the UCLA QB to a great career in drama and acting, I am sure I can make it in comedy.
Davis Bryan: Hey this is Davis Bryan. If you don’t answer this I will be livid!!!! What’s your favorite color?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: Other than the good ‘ole orange and blue, my favorite color is a smooth periwinkle.
Megan: What is the best prank either of you have pulled on a teammate?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: When Ross Metheny lived with us he would goto bed at 7 p.m., so we would set off random assortments of Roman Candles and Screaming Mimi’s (Fireworks) in his room. This was a weekly occurrence and yet he still would goto bed early.
Tom (from The Lawn): What is that on Billy’s head … Looking at photo on Facebook.
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: I sweat a lot and its stylish.
Mechanicsville: What current player that UVA fans are NOT aware of, will make the biggest impact this year or next?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: People have already seen David Dean do big things, but he is going to continue to make big plays and impact games. Staying with the theme of defensive tackle, Donte Wilkins has tons of potential and has a bright future.
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: Daniel Hamm (Ham Salad) is a walk-on who has been doing really good things in practice and has been picking up the offense quickly. You will hear his name in the next couple years.
Megan (Richmond): Jake, what is your favorite 3rd down song at Scott Stadium?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: We just added “You Can’t See Me” this year and that is my favorite right now. Its fun to see the fans get fired up when that song reigns down on Scott Stadium.
Haider (Cville): What’s your favorite UVa sports team to watch?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: Right now, I am totally excited to watch the No. 1 ranked UVa women’s soccer team. Wahoowa! Every spring I love watching the UVa baseball team. Nothing beats a spring day out at Davenport Field.
Greg (Charlottesville): Billy & Jake, what did the bye week do for you guys? What were your areas of focus?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: The bye week gave us some needed rest and let us focus on ourselves on a team on the mistakes we made and what we can do better.
Mike: What will you remember most about your time at the University of Virginia?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: I think almost every UVa student would agree that its the people that make UVa special. The sense of community, combined with the amazing historical aspect of the University, makes it an amazing place to spend four years. My teammates are definitely what I will remember most.
Staunton, Va.: Jake: How do you like paying Coach Tenuta’s aggressive in your face style of defense?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: It is a lot of fun to get after offenses, regardless of the down or the position on the field. Th aggressive mindset allows us to play fast and confidently.
Jordan (Salem): Who would win in a UFC fight, Trent Corney or Brock Lesnar?
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: Lets not be ridiculous, Trent.
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: I concur.
David (Charlottesville): Favorite professional sports team?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: Buffalo Bills.
9245123.jpeg?1379638007 spacer.gif Jake Snyder: Richmond Flying Squirrels.
New York City: What do you think about the offense after the last two weeks of preparation?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: It was a good break and I like where we are going. I can’t get into the x’s and o’s here, but make sure you check us out tomorrow against VMI.
Ashley: Who is the best dressed player on the team?
9245128.jpeg?1379639311 spacer.gif Billy Skrobacz: David Marrs. He has unblemished skin and can pull off any look.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: A big thank you to everyone for submitting questions. Thank you to UVa football student-athletes Jake Snyder and Billy Skrobacz for joining us here in Wahoo Central. Be on the lookout for future Wahoo Central chats and see you at Scott Stadium tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. for #VMIvsUVa.
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