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Virginia football player Jake McGee chats live Friday, Oct. 18 at Noon

Virginia football player Jake McGee chats live Friday, Oct. 18 at noon.

The Cavaliers return home on Saturday, Oct. 14 when the Duke Blue Devils come to town for ACC action. The game commences at 3:30 p.m. and will be televised live on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: Welcome everyone to today’s live chat with UVa’s Jake McGee. We will be getting started shortly.
Emmetri from Fauquier County: You had a break out game this season against Maryland. What made the difference? Can you name one particular skill in which you have improved?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: One thing I can point to is the chemistry and confidence between me and David, plus the entire offense has started to take its stride.
Murray: What has been your most memorable moment as a student athlete at Virginia?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: Looking back at the Penn State game last year as a whole – we saw all the hard work pay off in a win and it showed the hard work I put in to be able to deliver on the field.
Earl (Nelson County): You were a high school basketball star, which four other guys on the current UVa football team would you pick up for a five-on-five hoops tournament?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: My team, in addition to myself, would include Morgan Moses, Kevin Parks, Anthony Harris and Luke Bowanko. If we need fouls to give, I would bring Billy Skrobacz off the bench, much like Ollie from the movie Hoosiers.
Zach Greenspan (East Norwich): Who is your favorite NFL athlete and why?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: Zach that is an easy question for me right now – I have to stay with my Collegiate teammate Russell Wilson with Seattle.
Dan: Best dressed player on the team?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: E.J. Scott – he is always ahead of the game when it comes to the newest outfits.
Greg (Arlington): Is the “combover Thursday” movement spreading through the team? Who would you most like to see rock the combover?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: I think if Tra’ Nicholson could figure out a way to pull off the combover, it would take the movement to a whole new level.
Jordan (Cville): I know you are tight with a lot of the men’s basketball players. Which guy would you most like to throw one down on?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: I want to dunk on Evan Nolte as many times as possible until he sends me back to the McCue Center (smiling)
Stevie (White Plains, N.Y.): What are three things you would need to take with you on Safari?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: 1. Matt Fortin 2. Water 3. Snacks
Paul Freedman: hey “the kid” when’s the last time u have won in FIFA (be honest)
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: I take my video games very seriously and I have yet to lose a game in FIFA. Thank you Paul for your question.
Timmy (CVille): Outside of Scott Stadium, which venue has been the most fun to play in since you came to UVa?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: Florida State was a tremendous place and a tremendous atmosphere to play in. Then how we won it in the end and how the entire place went from raucous to silent was a pretty special feeling.
Wyatt (DC): What does the team need to do to get back on track tomorrow against Duke?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: If we are able to build off the Maryland game and turn field goals into touchdowns, I believe that will help us get back on the winning track.
Evan (Charlottesville): Are near-impossible one handed grabs something you work on in practice?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: The one-handed catches are not planned and instincts take over. The goal is to catch the ball anyway possible.
Jessie: Which was more thrilling in the moment – the crazy catch that extended the drive last year vs. Penn State or the game winner in the back of the end zone vs. Miami?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: Tough questions, because they both were special and led to UVa wins. But I will go with the Miami game because it was the last offensive play of the game. Looking back at it now – Miami hasn’t lost since that day in Scott Stadium.
Billy Skrobacz: jake! Long time listener, first time caller … what’s your favorite lunch meat?
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: My favorite type of sandwich is turkey, bacon and cheese.
Evan Nolte: Hey Jake I’m a huge fan man and I know you’re really busy but do you think you could come to my birthday party this year? And maybe even sign a shirt or something for me? That would be awesome.
9335649.jpeg spacer.gif Jake McGee: Sure, would be happy too … but I am still dunking on you.
team-logo-va.gif spacer.gif Wahoo Central Moderator: That is all the time we have today. Thank you Jake McGee for stopping by Wahoo Central. Best of luck to the Cavaliers tomorrow and see you at Scott Stadium.
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