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Nov. 5, 2013

Senior defender Kevin McBride is a rarity on the 2013 Virginia men’s soccer team – a fourth-year. The veteran from Fairfax, Va., will be honored with three fellow classmates in Senior Night ceremonies Friday prior to the Cavaliers’ regular-season finale against Boston College. McBride took some time Tuesday to chat about his time at Virginia, including a solid senior year, as well the current team and his future.

Four years goes pretty quick. Tell us about your time at Virginia.
At times it’s been tough, especially the first two years not playing as much as you’d like to, but just keeping after it, keep working hard every day, and the coaches encouraging you and tell you to just stay in the system and good things will come, and it did. I’ve started this year, played a few games last year, and I’m doing well right now.

What’s been your most memorable moment at UVa?
The VCU game last year where a lot of guys who were sort of in my position came into the game and really got their chance to shine. Cam (Chavira) had the game-winning goal in overtime and Marcus Douglas had the assist, so that was a good moment for me.

Talk about being a veteran leader to a young team.
It’s been different. I think with this team everybody’s a leader. (Eric) Bird is third year; Todd (Wharton) is a second year, even the first years I look up to and I know they look up to me as well. It’s kind of a togetherness, a team effort.

What’s the difference between this team and the teams over the past couple of years?
I think again it’s the togetherness. Everyone is in it for each other. There are no attitudes; there are no egos on this team. Everyone is working out there for each other.

Why did you pick UVa?
My dad actually went here and brainwashed me as a child. He had season football tickets, so my family would be down here pretty much every other Saturday growing up. It’s also the combination of great athletics and great academics that pushed me to come here.

What are your plans after college?
Not a clue. I’m still trying to figure that out, to figure out what my passion is.

You’ve had some interesting summer internships over the past three years.
They were all very different. The first one (as a legal intern), my dad’s a lawyer so I thought about if I wanted to go into law, but I found out that wasn’t really for me. The past two were really good. Two summers ago I interened with the U.S. Golf Association. That was one of my favorites because I wanted to get into the sports industry at some point, whether that’s marketing or maybe even an agent, I don’t really know yet, but just something to keep me in sports because that’s what I love.

Coach Gelnovatch compares you and Matt Brown to Greg Monaco and Mike Volk (center backs from UVa’s 2009 championship team). Do you agree with that comparison?
I would say so. I was here with each for two years and they’re the type of players who are leaders, they are not really fancy, they just get the job done. They do their job and I think that’s what Matt Brown and I do. We’re not skillful. We block shots, we’re good in the air, we organize our guys, and it’s been showing this year.

What will you miss most about UVa?
I guess just being in close proximity with all the guys. At any moment being able to call them like `hey, do you want to get lunch?’, `hey do you want to go hit balls or something?’ Just the whole atmosphere and game day, playing under the lights at Klockner.

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