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Dec. 5, 2013

Recap | Final Stats

Head Coach Joanne Boyle

“I’m just disappointed. I wanted to finish this stretch heading into finals in a better place. We have to get back to business here and get ready in these next two weeks.”

On offensive and defensive performances:
“We’re not being disciplined on either end of the floor. I think our confidence is a little shook on offense, but we can guard better, rebound better, and get ourselves easy baskets so that we don’t have to rely on half-court offense all the time.”

On using finals break to work on improving:
“We do have to change our mindset. We played one of our best games against Tennessee, so there’s no reason why we can’t play like that. There’s no reason.”

On Michigan’s shooting:“They are a very high-octane offense. They move the ball and make you play 30 seconds of defense. You have to be able to take things away, and we didn’t do that tonight.”

On Virginia’s offense:
“We can be a good shooting team. You have to have a short memory after a bad shooting night. We have to be confident when we’re going in there and understand that we need to play inside and out and know what we’re looking for. I think we shoot too quickly. We don’t work the ball around. I don’t think we have a flow right now.”

On the current losing streak:“I think we’re getting out-hustled. It’s deflating when teams get second-chance points on you. It’s deflating to go 30 seconds, do a great job, and then they get an offensive rebound and we play another 30 seconds of defense. We spend so much energy doing that. I feel like if we were more disciplined and if we would make teams take one shot and make it a tough one, it would open things up for us.”

Senior Guard Ataira Franklin

On the team’s shooting slump:
“I feel like when we get in these situations everyone tries to be a hero aand kind of start the run. But what this game came down to was we didn’t pget stops. We were playing defense for 27 seconds then they would get the rebound and that’s deflating. We would go down and take quick shots and they would get an easy transition bucket, so the way we played on defense has affected the way we played on offense and has for the last couple games.”

On the team’s goals heading into the break:
“In the locker room just now Coach said that all we can do is stay the course. Like she said earlier, we have to have a short memory. We still have a few non-conference games left then ACC play is just around the corner. All we can really do is work on us and try to build our confidence.”

On her physical well-being:
“I feel good. Being able to play 25 minutes, and even though some games are in the 30’s, being able to play fewer minutes is a lot better for my body.”

Junior Forward Sarah Imovbioh

On Michigan’s success down low:
“A big problem was worrying about the rebounding. Michigan is really long and when you go to chase down long rebounds and then they get those rebounds, then someone is wide open down low. Then we gave up easy passes and they scored more.”

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