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Dec. 29, 2013

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On the win:
“We’re excited to win the Classic. We’ve played three tournaments and finally got back-to-back wins. It was a good weekend for us heading into ACC play, so I’m excited.”

On UVa’s play today:
“I felt like we moved in the right direction. I felt like we started to form an identity for ourselves. We went deep into our bemch and startd to be a btter defensive team. I’m pleasantly surprised at our rebounding and that they’ve started to buy into that part of the game. We have a good flow going right now.”

On Kelsey Wolfe and her playing as the off guard:
“It’s huge. Ultimately that’s what we’ve been trying to do- run two freshman point guards. We’ve been trying to work them into the mix but you can’t just hand it over to them right away. I felt like Breyana [Mason] and Tiffany [Suarez] are handling it well now. Today was a great first day to get Kelsey off the ball and get her to her strengths, which is shooting the ball.”

On Faith Randolph:
“I thought Faith did a really good job today. She came in and got some easier baskets and got her hands on some balls. She’s had a tough role. She’s been in and out of the lineup but one thing she has done well is stayed steady. Whatever I’ve asked her to do, she does. That’s a mature player. It didn’t affect her at all today, not being in the lineup. She came in and did what we needed.”

On UVa’s defense:
“Our job was to try to speed them up a little bit. We were going to play our matchup-zone and we wanted to speed them up to get some traps and tire them out. We wanted to tire them out so they would miss shots in the second half, which they did, and wanted to rush them a little bit. I felt lime our defense did that for us today.”

Sophomore Guard Faith Randolph:

On her role on the team:
“On this team I’m doing whatever we need. Whether it’s scoring or getting a stop, I’m just looking to help my team any way I can.”

Senior Guard Kelsey Wolfe:

On her shooting:
“I felt like I could have kicked it in. It really just felt good. I’ve had a couple days of good shooting before this game in shoot around and practice.”

On the team:
“Over the last couple games we’ve definitely moved in the right direction like Coach said. I’m excited for conference play now, especially after winning this mini tournament.

On their play after a long layoff that followed a losing streak:
“I don’t think we panicked, necessarily. We knew we needed to do something different, needed a change. The coaches did a good job of calming us down and getting back to what we do best, which is defense and that’s what we worked on. I really think that’s helped us win the last couple games.”

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