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Jan. 5, 2014

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle

On the game:
“We’re disappointed in our first ACC game. Obviously we pride ourselves in our defense and that didn’t’ work well tonight. A lot of credit to Pitt, they hit some big shots. We just need to get back into the gym and get ready for our next game.”

On UVa’s defense:
“We went from our 2-3 zone to try to cover the corners better when our 12 wasn’t working, even went to a five- guard lineup to see if they could cover the corners better. No matter what we were doing I just felt like we were a step slow getting to the ball. Normally we close out faster, but their shooters had a second and a half or two seconds to get their shots off. It’s not like they were hitting them with us right there.”

On Pittsburgh players hitting clutch shots:
“That’s what good players do. They’re not a great shooting team, and they’re not a three point shooting team. We didn’t start off the game well, didn’t set the tone early. The last five minutes of the game you saw us really moving, but for the first 25 or 30 minutes we were trying to move, we were just flat. In the ACC you just can’t take anything for granted.”

On the plan when trailing by two in the final 17 seconds:“We didn’t want to let Briggs touch it, and maybe we could get a ten-second call in our trap, but at some point we had to foul and put them back on the free throw line. At some point as a coach you think that we shouldn’t be in those situations. When a team shoots 61% on you in the second half you’re not going to win many games in the ACC.”

On UVa’s upcoming game at Virginia Tech:
“It’s always been tough up there for us. We’ve always had to grind it out against them. They have a great record this year, they only have two or three losses against a tough schedule- even beating Michigan State. They’re a good team and a tough team to play, but we have to decide that we’re going to have a different mentality starting out a game.”

Sophomore Guard Faith Randolph

“I just wanted to win. When I came into the game, we were struggling on defense. Our pressure was good sometimes, but it was just off and on tonight.”

Senior Guard Kelsey Wolfe

“We have to do better defensively. When we come down and hit a shot on offense, we can’t let them hit a three on defense. ”

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