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Feb. 27, 2014

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Head Coach Joanne Boyle:

On the game:
“We’re obviously disappointed with this being senior night. Miami just came in and never gave up. We took a lead but they fought back and never looked back. They gained confidence while we were just individuals out there and didn’t play our own game.”
“We had a lead and were playing fairly well, then Sarah [Imovbioh] got in a little bit of foul trouble and lost one of our heavy hitters down the stretch. We just become very complacent in games some times and it really costs us. That’s been part of the problem throughout the year.”

On their trap defense:
“We started the game in our trap. There was a point in the game, probably around the 10 or 11 minute mark where they were playing really fast and were getting easy transition points so we took it off and tried to sit down in the zone and tried to make them run their sets in a half-court offense. We tried to come back and forth with it a little in the second half.”

On her message entering the end of the season:
“We just have to stick together. We’re preaching team ball, really preaching it, and we show moments of it. But the only way that we’re going to win is to have those elements of team and fight.

Senior Guard Ataira Franklin:

On losing on senior night:
“It’s tough. Because it was senior night we were excited and ready to go and had a lot of emotion that went into wanting to finish strong and put on a show for the fans one last time. I feel like everyone was on page with that excitement and hunger going into the game, but like Coach said we got complacent- once Miami threw a punch we were never able to punch back.”

On the game:
“Even as well as we’ve been playing at home, it felt like Miami got hot and we got cold at the end of the first half, and they made a little bit of a run there. We just weren’t able to hit shots and weren’t executing on offense. Everything we were doing wrong, they did right.”

On Thursday’s game vs. Florida State:
“I think it just comes down to pride for us at this point. There was a point in the game today where we just quit- we didn’t have any fight left in us. Florida State is going to come out looking for revenge since we beat them here. We can’t afford to go down and play an away game like we played here tonight.”

Senior Guard Kelsey Wolfe:

On the beginning of the game:
“I thought earlier in the game we were sharing the ball more and passing a lot more, but we should have kept it going and hit back when they started their run.”

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