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Jan. 14, 2018

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Virginia Head Coach Tony Bennett

On Devon Hall‘s performance:
“Well, talk about efficient, nine shots and 25 points. He’s efficient and he’s really a triple treat in terms of hitting the 3-ball. He’s got great rhythm on his shot, attacking, drawing some fouls, and just really did a good job. I liked him defensively tonight. If you run him off the line he’s strong, when he’s guarded in the post and he can get a foul or two. He really was key when we got a little shaky with the ball at times, I thought he was going and then when Kyle [Guy] was shooting it well, that was a nice combination.”

On NC State’s defense:
“They are a hard-playing, pressure team so you have to bounce it a little more and they are into your space a lot. They were making [Ty Jerome] use the bounce and [Nigel Johnson] gave us good minutes, but I thought they made you work to get catches. We knew that watching them. Watching them against Clemson I thought they even upped their defensive pressure more. We thought we’d have to fight to get catches, come off screens, use the dribble a little more, use some ball screens. Thankfully the way [Devon Hall] was getting to the paint and shooting, that loosened it up a little bit. But that was a fight, even though the score might not suggest it. They were always right there and they can turn people over.”

On the team’s playmakers:
“I think that’s the strength of this team, there are a few guys. It kind of depends how the game is going and how they are playing us, but you could say [Devon Hall], [Ty Jerome] and [Kyle Guy]. All three of them have done it so far this year at different times. As perimeter guys with the ball in their hands, I think those three are all genuine options depending on what you need and what you’re doing.”

On shutting down Omer Yurtseven:
“I thought defensively early, we were really good on first-shot defense. They had 10 second chance points in the first half, but I thought defensively we were taking away pretty much everything, and they just made some nice plays on the glass. He was 5-for-6 against Clemson from three, and they were cold tonight, but we did contest a lot of his shots and we were aware he was going to screen and separate, and then he can score in the post. [Jack Salt], [Isaiah Wilkins], [Mamadi Diakite], for the bit he was in there, those guys work hard and they know to cover for each other. I liked that. I liked their ball screen defense, because they spread you out and I thought we covered well for each other in scramble.”

NC State Head Coach Kevin Keatts

Opening Statement:
“Give Virginia credit. I thought they did a very good job. This is a very good team that Tony [Bennett] has this year. I knew coming in that they have won 15 games and what a great defensive team. I thought we played hard on both ends of the floor, but going into the game I said in order for us to have a chance to win the game, especially here at UVA, we had to do a good job of sharing the basketball. Obviously, when you look at it, seven assists were not good enough for us. I thought our guys played with great energy and good effort. I thought we had too many individual defensive breakdowns. Certainly, when you are playing a team that keeps you to possessions, you cannot have those mistakes. Give those guys credit. I am proud of my team for how hard they have fought, certainly we need to go back to work.”

On guarding Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy:
“I thought we did a tremendous job early in the game of running them off the line, not so much in the second half. When you look at it, we knew going into the game that those two guards shot over 40 percent from the three. We lost them a couple times in the second half. It was weird because every time we made a little run, those guys made plays, especially Devon Hall. He did a tremendous job and I thought he scored at all three levels. He shot behind the arc, he made pull up jump shots, and also got to the line seven times.”

On if this year’s Virginia team is better than when played last year:
“Well, it is hard to say if they are better. We were a different team. I was at a different school with different players in a different situation, so it is hard to say. I will say he [Tony Bennett] has a very good team.”

On struggling to get offense going because of Virginia’s defense:
“They are good. I know what everyone talks about is the pack line defense, but what makes them special is that they have at least three or four guys who are very good individual defenders. They do a good job of keeping you in front and then once you get by those guys, obviously, they do a tremendous job as a team.”

On only making 2 of 15 3-pointers:
“If you look at the first half, I thought we had some great looks. I thought Braxton [Beverly] had some great looks. I thought we had some great looks behind the arc. Certainly, it was just one of those nights that didn’t fall for us.”

Virginia Guard Kyle Guy

On the team’s 3-point shooting tonight:
“I think we were just trying to get the best shot possible. Devon [Hall] was playing really well getting to the basket and we were all getting to the basket and feeding off of each other. I do not think it was them taking the three-pointer away, I think we were just trying to get better looks.”

On the importance of winning the early home games before playing on the road later in the season: “Yeah, I actually said something today like, `We have a lot of home games this year.’ I think it is always good to capitalize when we have home court advantage. We do not like losing in front of our fans, so we keep pushing the pedal to the metal and keep doing what we do.”

Virginia Guard Devon Hall

On leadership during the game:
“I have been here for five years, so that is the time when a leader steps up and tries to keep composure.”

On being the first player warming up:
“I do the same routine every single day. It is just keeping it simple, doing my same routine and if I need to get any other shots, I do that after practice. I feel confident every single day. If I’m open, I am going to shoot with confidence.”

On Jack Salt‘s screens:
“It is like a brick wall. Jack is extremely strong, so if he hits you with one, you are going to feel it. He takes pride in setting screens like that.”

Virginia Forward Isaiah Wilkins

On if he had ever completed a four-point play before:
“Never in my life. I was excited, I’m not going to lie.”

On the satisfaction of making shots late in the shot clock on offense:
“It gives me more time to get back on defense when the ball goes through the hoop so I appreciate you all [Kyle and Devon] making shots.”

On Nigel Johnson’s defense:
“I think that Nigel picking up the ball for 94 feet today was huge for us. That can go unnoticed, but that was huge.”

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