Freshman Anthony Robinson averaged 10 points, 10 rebounds and 2.0 blocks for Christ School (Arden, N.C.) in 2022-23. The 6-10, 238-pound forward/center helped Christ School win the NCISAA 4A state championship with a 31-4 record.

“I chose Virginia because it’s a great program with great culture,” Robinson said in May. “The coaches are great and are invested in my development and I’m excited to see what the future holds. I like the emphasis on academics and the Grounds are beautiful. Plus, the basketball facilities are world class!”

Robinson recently discussed the start of his first year with

Q: Why did you choose Virginia?
Robinson: I chose Virginia because of the great coaching staff and hard-working culture. Also, the success of the program leaped out to me making this where I wanted to go to school.

Q: What’s the best part about playing at UVA so far?
Robinson: The best part of playing at UVA is the close bond that the team has and the culture of the program makes me feel at home.

Q: What can fans expect from you this season?
Robinson: Lots of energy and hard work.

Q: What NBA player do you model your game after and why?
Robinson: John Collins because he is very athletic and impacts the game more than just offensively.

Q: What has been the best moment in your basketball career so far?
Robinson: The best moment in my basketball career was definitely winning the state championship in my senior year of high school. It was a hard-working season, and our team gave it our all and it definitely paid off for sure! It also was motivating that the team we played in the championship beat us in the playoffs the year before.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals or a go-to pregame meal?
Robinson: I usually spend game days listening to gospel music and reading the Bible. I usually go for a PB&J an hour or so before the game.

Q: If you could play one other sport besides basketball, what would it be and why?
Robinson: Track and field. I would high jump because I tied for state in that event, so I feel I would be good at it.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Robinson: I enjoy playing video games with my friends back home, reading devotionals and books that interest me. I watch TV and movies and hang out with my teammates a lot as well.

Q: Use one word to describe your shoe game.
Robinson: Relaxed.

Q: Which teammate is the worst at NBA 2K24?
Robinson: Christian Bliss, for sure, because he doesn’t know the controls.

Q: If you could swap lives with a teammate for a day, who would it be and why?
Robinson: Leon Bond, so I can know what it’s like to be good at fishing and being outdoors.

Q: Who would play you in a movie?
Robinson: Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) from 2 Fast 2 Furious.