Professions/postgraduate studies our student-athletes are currently pursuing

Data Analytics
Mental Health


“The UVA psychology department is incredible. The professors are fantastic, and the research is top notch. I worked as a research assistant in a social psychology lab and conducted a thesis with a lab at the intersection of psychology, law, and public policy. When I graduated, the amount of research experience I had to speak to was key in landing my research coordinator position at MGH, which will ultimately set me up very well to apply to clinical psychology PhD programs. During the interview process, I found myself not only discussing my academic journey but also my experience in athletics. I told countless anecdotes of my time with UVA squash to emphasize different skills like teamwork, time management, leadership, discipline, and time management. I think since UVA is a newer program, there’s just so much excitement, energy, and passion around it which definitely came across in my interviews.”

Emily Woodworth, ’21

“I was part of the McIntire School of Commerce which hosted an extensive recruiting process for top consulting firms and other companies. I was able to land my initial job through a combination of networking and case interviews. Being part of the squash team not only provided me with countless examples of teamwork, leadership, and tenacity to use in interviews but also prepared me for the team environment and face pace energy of the consulting world.”

Lindsay Bralower, ’17

Attending UVA sets you apart in two meaningful ways, the first being academic validation which means that any employer, regardless of industry or selectiveness, will consider a UVA graduate for a position. The second (and arguably more important) tool that UVA provides is an alumni network that is robust in terms of size and reach across industries, but also a group that has a deep sense of pride and excitement to help fellow graduates. I’ve found that my UVA network is always eager to educate and advance other alumni in their careers which truly distinguishes UVA from other top level academic institutions.

Mason Blake, ’18

“The McIntire School of Commerce gave me a well rounded experience that allowed me to better understand and enter the world of business and eventually finance. I also want to compliment the faculty at McIntire who presented themselves as mentors first and professors second. These relationships have carried far beyond the classroom and these individuals have been some of my most reliable sounding boards as I have transitioned at various stages of my career. I would truly not be where I am today without my UVA education.”

Max Novick, ’18