Academic Coordinators

Athletics Academic Coordinators provide academic advising, counseling and assistance to student-athletes in areas of course selection, registration procedures, degree requirements, career planning, University resources and other related topics associated with academic performance for one or more sports programs.

Athletics Academic Coordinators facilitate student-athlete engagement and support the overall student experience by connecting students with resources to develop academic skills and fully engage with the University in pursuit of their goals.

Athletic Academic Coordinators are responsible for maintaining appropriate files and records of academic information, diligently monitoring athletic eligibility and academic progress according to grade reports and maintaining a detailed and current knowledge of all NCAA, ACC, and University rules and regulations related to academic support.


Jazlyn Eddings
Director of Academics
Men’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer,
Men’s Track & Field

Georgina Nembhard
Assistant Director
Women’s Basketball, Softball

Dashan Axson-Lawrence
Academic Coordinator
Field Hockey, Men’s Golf, Rowing,
Football: Defensive Backs, Running Backs

Peyton Baldwin
Academic Coordinator
Baseball, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s
Swimming & Diving, Football: Tight Ends,
Wide Receivers

Destiny Coleman
Academic Coordinator
Men’s & Women’s Squash, Men’s &
Women’s Tennis, Women’s Track & Field
Football: Linebackers, Quarterbacks

Mackenzie Nunes
Academic Coordinator
Men’s Swimming & Diving, Volleyball,
Wrestling, Football: Offensive Line

Caroline Cumbest
Academic Coordinator
Women’s Golf, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s
Soccer, Football: Defensive Line