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May 29, 1999

NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Semifinals
Game 2


Head Coach Dom Starsia on playing for the national championship Monday: “These opportunities are so precious. I don’t think people expected us to be here in the beginning of the season. I told these guys before we came here that we already have a lot to be proud of, but this is another opportunity for us to win a national championship. I understand that’s how people choose to sort of define success, ultimately, in terms of what we do. This is something that the program wants very badly. I think, even in the huddle after the game, you could see that there’s a certain urgency and focus amongst the players that, at the very least, we’re going to try to get our best stuff organized for Monday and come out and give it our best shot.”

On big scoring output in the first quarter: “I thought we were very sharp early in the game, very unselfish, moving the ball through the unselfish, wherever the opportunities were. I couldn’t tell you who got the points. It seems like it was spread all around. We were just all over them early. I thought they got caught a little flat-footed early in the game and we were ready to take advantage of it.”

Tucker Radebaugh on the offense: “I think were just really rolling on offense. We were unselfish and moving the ball. I thought we did lag in the second quarter. Luckily on defense – and (goalie) Derek Kenney – we kind of stopped them and kept them away. In the third quarter we wanted to come out and have a good quarter. When Jay (Jalbert) scored at the beginning of the third and the beginning of the fourth, I thought that was very big for our offense.”

Derek Kenney on Virginia’s big lead: “When we were up 8-1, they were pretty much taking a lot of catch-up shots. They weren’t the quality of shots I’m sure they wanted.”


Head Coach John Haus: “As I said to the guys in the locker room, I let an awful lot of people down today. First and foremost are these guys. Second is anyone else associated with Johns Hopkins University. My job is to win a championship, and I didn’t.”

Haus, on Virginia’s offensive effort in the first half: “They handled the ball very well in unsettled situations.”

Brian Carcaterra, on Virginia’s first quarter run: “During that run, there wasn’t a lot to say. I encouraged our defense to stay up, but we got fast breaked for half of their goals.”

Carcaterra, on Hopkins’ season: “Of course our goal is to win a championship. By no way are all 45 or 50 guys on our team failures because we did not achieve our goal. Virginia was the better team today. We are disappointed, but we are in no way failures.”

Dan Denihan, on Virginia’s run in the first quarter: “It was early in the game (when Virginia went on their run) and I still believed we could come back. Even in the fourth quarter, I still believed we were in the game up until a certain point. We have come back from five goals down before at the half, but today, we just didn’t match them.”

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