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March 24, 1998

Wednesday, Mar. 25  WOMEN'S LACROSSE--WILLIAM & MARY        &   HOME    4:00 PM                    BASEBALL--OLD DOMINION                  $   HOME    3:00 PM                    WOMEN'S TENNIS--VA. COMMONWEALTH        +   HOME    1:00 PMThursday, Mar. 26   Men's Swimming--NCAA                        AuburnFriday, Mar. 27     Men's Swimming--NCAA                        Auburn                    Track--Raleigh Relays                       Away    9:00 AM                    Softball--Richmond Trn.                     Away                    BASEBALL--NORTH CAROLINA                $   HOME    3:00 PMSaturday, Mar. 28   Men's Swimming--NCAA                        Auburn                    Men's Lacrosse--Maryland                    Away    2:00 PM                    Track--Raleigh Relays                       Away    9:00 AM                    Softball--Richmond Trn.                     Away                             WOMEN'S TENNIS--NORTH CAROLINA          +   HOME    11:00 AM                    WOMEN'S LACROSSE--NORTH CAROLINA        &   HOME    2:00 PM                    MEN'S TENNIS--WAKE FOREST               +   HOME    1:00 PM                    Rowing--Michigan, Ohio St.                  Michigan TBA                    BASEBALL--NORTH CAROLINA                $   HOME    1:00 PMSunday, Mar. 29     Softball---George Mason(2)                  Away    Noon                    Men's Tennis--Virginia Tech                 Away    2:00 PM                    WOMEN'S TENNIS--DUKE                    +   HOME    2:00 PM                    BASEBALL--NORTH CAROLINA                $   HOME    1:00 PMTuesday, Mar. 31    Softball--Virginia Tech(2)                  Away    2:00 PM                    WOMEN'S LACROSSE--RICHMOND              &   HOME    4:00 PM                    BASEBALL--VCU                           $   HOME    3:00 PMWednesday, Apr. 1   Swimming--US Nat.                           Minn.                    Baseball--Richmond                          Away    3:00 PM+Snyder  Courts;  @Lake Monticello; =The Park;  $Baseball Field; & U-Hall Turf Field; #Klockner Stadium

Charlottesville…UVa’s winter sports are almost done, with the spring sports well under way. The year to date record is 187-98-5(65.4%).

Coach: Mark Bernardino, 20th season at Virginia, record: 128-76 men, 143-58-1. 1997-98 record, 8-1 men, 7-2 women. Last week, UVa had the women’s NCAA meet(18th, team). This week, UVa men have their NCAA meet(Thur.-Sat., Mar. 26-28, Auburn).

Coach: Lenny Bernstein, fifth season at Virginia, record: 39-35. 1997-98 record, 8-7. Last week, UVa was at the NCAA meet (37th team). The season is complete.

Coach: Randy Bungard, first season at Virginia, record: no dual meets. 1997-98 record, no dual meets. Last week, UVa was at the Clemson Relays(individual results only). This week, UVa is at the Raleigh Relays(Fri.-Sat., Mar. 27-28, away).

Coach: Thomas Johnston, fifth season at Virginia, record, 63-42. 1997-98 record, 9-4. Last week, UVa was idle. This week, UVa plays Wake Forest(Sat., Mar. 28, 1:00 PM, Snyder Courts) and Virginia Tech(Sun., Mar. 29, 2:00 PM, away)

Coach: Phil Rogers, 16th season at Virginia, record: 171-150. 1997-98 record, 2-1(Fall) and 6-2 Spring. Last week, UVa played Richmond(6-3 won) and VCU(ppd., Wed., Mar. 25, 1:00 PM, Snyder Courts). This week, UVa plays North Carolina(Sat., Mar. 28, 11:00 AM, Snyder Courts) and Duke(Sun., Mar. 29, 2:00 PM, Snyder Courts).

Coach: Cheryl Sprangel, first season at Virginia, record: 19-15. 1997-98 record, 19-15. Last week, UVa played Radford(8-0 won, 4-2 loss), at the Winthrop Tournament (won six games lost one, finished second in a field of 37 teams at Wiinthrop). This week, UVa plays George Mason(Sun., Mar. 29, 2, Noon, away), and Virginia Tech(Tue., Mar.31, 2:00 PM, away).

Coach: Dennis Womack, 18th season at Virginia, record: 454-433-5. 1997-98 record, 14-8. Last week, UVa played Coppin St.(14-0 won), NC State14-2 loss, 6-5 loss, 9-7 won). This week, UVa plays James Madison(today), Old Dominion(Wed., Mar. 25, 3:00 PM, UVa Baseball Field), North Carolina(Fri.-Sun., Mar. 27-29, 3:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 1:00 PM, UVa Baseball Field), and VCU(Tue., Mar. 31, 3:00 PM, UVa Baseball Field).

Coach: Mike Moraghan, ninth season at Virginia, record: no dual meets. 1997-98, no dual matches. Last week, UVa was idle. This week, UVa is idle.

Coach: Dom Starsia, sixth season at Virginia, record: 61-21. !997-98 record: 3-2 Last week(now ranked fifth), UVa played Johns Hopkins(13-10 loss). This week, UVa plays Maryland(Sat., Mar. 28, 2:00 PM, away).

Coach: Kevin Sauer, third season at Virginia, record: 8-0. 1997-98 record, 0-0. Last week, UVa was idle. This week, UVa goes to Michigan(UM and Ohio St.)(Sat., Mar. 28, away).

Coach: Julie Myers, third season at Virginia, record: 32-10. 1997-98 record, 4-1. Last week, UVa played Maryland(11-8 loss) and Penn St.(11-10 won). This week, UVa plays William & Mary(Wed., Mar. 25, 4:00 PM, U-Hall Turf Field), North Carolina(Sat., Mar. 28, 2:00 PM, U-Hall Turf Field), and Richmond(Tue., Mar. 31, 4:00 PM, U-Hall Turf Field).

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