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May 13, 2000

HARRISONBURG, VA –The Cavaliers turned in some impressive field eventsthis weekend as they took home four golds and four silvers in the JMUInvitational held in Harrisonburg. Inge Jorgenson (New Wilmington,Pa./Wilmington) and Brian Kollar (Virginia Beach, Va./First Colonial)again swept the javelin throws while Hilary Wilson (East Clarindon,Ohio/Hawken) and Eliese Mitchell (Narvon, Pa./Garden Spot) won yet againin their specialities, with Wilson winning the discus throw andMitchell taking top honors in the hammer. Mitchell’s toss of 54.24 smashedher old school record of 52.46 by almost two meters putting her solidly incontrol of the event.

Kollar’s toss outdistanced his nearest competitor by over four meterswhile Jorgenson’s winning throw was more than 12 meters better than therunner-up. Tim Bilmanis (Hughesvville, Md./Thomas Stone) and Bill Johnston(Warwick, RI/Bishop Hendricken) both took home runner-up slots in thediscus and hammer respectively.

Curtrell Frye (Columbia, S.C./Irmo) also took home runner-uphonors in the meet in the high jump, and Rob Schweiters was also arunner-up in a vertical leap, taking second in the pole vault. On thetrack, Scott Kimball (Bridgewater, MA/Bridgewater-Ryn) tied for second inthe 100-meter dash while the men’s 400m relay took second as well.

100: Kiamesha Otey, 12.25, 5th,
200:Carielle Doe, 24.95, Otey, 25.26,
400: Doe, 56.75,
800: Megan Schwartz, 2:14.86, Micheline Diakite, 2:15.76,
1500: Dawn Cleary, 4:40.10, 3000: Sarah Folse, 9:43.30, 4th, DanaCoons, 9:57.74,
100HH: Curtrell Frye, 14.73, 6th,
400IH: Natalie Randolph,1:02.13, 3rd,
LJ: Otey, 5.59m (18′ 4.25″), 4th, Frye, 5.44m (17′ 10.25″), 5th,
HJ: Frye, 1.53m (5′, .25″), 2nd, SP: Eliese Mitchell, 13.17m (43’2.5″), 4th,
Disc: Hilary Wilson, 47.08m (154′ 5″), 1st, Mitchell, 45.28m(148′ 7″), 2nd,
JAV: Inge Jorgenson, 48.44m (158′ 11″), 1st,
Hammer: Mitchell, 54.24m (177′ 11″), 1st, Wilson, 46.64m (153′ 0″), 6th,
PV: Vika Osipenko, 3.00m (9′ 10″), 5th, Annica White, 3.00m (9′ 10),6th, Kim Crawford, 3.00m (9′ 10″), 7th

100: Scott Kimball, 10.85, 2nd (t), Shay Clark, 10.86, 4th, XavierRichardson, 11.38,
200:Clarke, 21.94, 6th, Kimball, 21.97, Bryant Foster,22.46, Richardson, 22.97,
400: Foster, 48.61, Jason Young, 50.23,
800: RobPearce, 1:52.46,
1500: Bill Palmer: 3:55.13, Steve Gross, 3:55.68, MattRuhl, 4:07.95,
3000: Bobby Thiele, 8:30.92, 4th,
110HH: Jarett Hagwood,14.45, 4th, Marion Mason, 14.58, 5th, Cary Chandler, 15.14,
400IH: Mason,54.73, Charles Crimmins, 57.49,
400m Relay: 41.45, 2nd,
1600m Relay:3:18.26, 5th,
LJ: Hagwood: 7.03m (23′ .75″),
PV: Rob Schwieters, 4.50 (14’9″), 2nd,
SP: Tim Bilmanis, 14.32m (46′ 11.75″), 6th,
Disc: Bilmanis:46.26m (151′ 9″), 2nd, JAV: Brian Kollar, 66.50 (218′ 2″), 1st, JamesMurdock, 57.66m (189′ 2″), 6th,
Hammer: Bill Johnston, 56.44m (185′ 2″)2nd

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