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Feb. 1, 2001

Player Diary – Toby MacDonald

January 25 – January 28, 2001

Toby MacDonald is a third year from Venice, Florida. At 12-7 overall, he is one of Virginia’s most consistent wrestlers this season. He finished first overall at the Virginia Intercollegiate State Wrestling Championships after going 3-0 to earn his weight class title (133 lbs). Born in Mineola, New York, in November of 1978, Toby is the son of Helene and Bartlett MacDonald.

Sunday, 1/25

It was a long day and I am about ready for bed. We had a7 am practice where we drilled and went over some things toexpect for the NC State and Duke matches on Saturday. Inthe later practice we picked it up and had a good practice.Even with all the injuries we have right now we had anintense practice which is what we need. I was pretty firedup and frustrated and was throwing one of the guys I waswrestling into the wall – it happens a lot when guys arewrestling hard in the room. Anyways, we finished practicewith some conditioning and then I got some treatment on myknee. That’s pretty much it for today…I’m just chillingto some Ben Harper…good night.


Tomorrow is the big day…our first ACC matches of the year.We had a relatively easy practice in the afternoon to keepeveryone fresh for the match. Afterwards, most of the guysstuck around to lose some weight. I was pretty light allweek so my weight hasn’t been that much of a problem. I’mstill a few pounds over but I’ll just work out tomorrow morning before the weigh-ins.


We finished the day with a win and a loss, and I finishedthe same way. We knew we had a banged-up lineup going intothe weekend, but I thought we were still better than NCState, no matter what the score read. Besides Jimi Masseyand Greg Francesca, no one really wrestled that great…notthat anyone wrestled bad but we should have dominated somematches and we ended up losing close matches. I won but itshould not have been that close of a match. I just couldn’t get any offense going. Later that afternoon we wrestled Duke. We beat them as a team, as expected, but thescore was very close. I ended up getting in the same rutand couldn’t get my shots off. I lost a close match to akid that my coaches and I feel I can beat. I still have a month to work out these problems.


Today was my day of rest…almost. I went and liftedweights in the morninig then a bunch of the guys went overto Swella’s place to watch the Super Bowl. Now I justfinished writing down some of the things I need to work onand I set some goals for the following week. We wrestle UNCthis Saturday…I cannot stand UNC.

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