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Nov. 29, 2001

Kelly Worden, a three-year starter at defender for the Cavaliers, shares with fans what the team has been up to through the early part of its trip to California.

What a LONG day! We all knew it was going to take a lot to get us all out to California, but two bus rides and a very long plane ride across three time zones was way more than anyone expected.

The day started with everyone trying to fit in classes, pack, eat and make sure everything was set for the long weekend ahead. We all met at the bus at 1:30 to load up and then headed out at 2:00. Everyone was pretty excited–quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament!!! None of us had ever gotten this far and we all believe we can go all the way, with this weekend’s game just being one stop along the way.

Anyways, we drove two hours to Dulles Airport and all herded through the airport in our “head-to-toe matching gear-we definitely attracted eyes from all directions. However, finally after a delay and stuffing our faces with McDonald’s and frozen yogurt, we loaded the plane, taking over the back section. It was a big plane, three columns of three seats, five seats and three seats, respectively. We each had our own individual TV, which was installed to the head rest of the seat in front of each passenger. During the spectacular chicken dinner, we watched the cheesy, but cute Princess Diaries Disney movie. After this, the headphones went on us, as people tried to sleep or do schoolwork.

Finally, after a bumpy landing, we arrived to a soaking-wet San Francisco, only to grab our bags and ride in yet another bus for 45 minutes to our hotel in Santa Clara. Every one was so tired at this point, and on top of that–hungry. I promise, at every moment of the day, most everyone on our team is either hungry, or, if given the opportunity, could eat. So, everyone looked around for some food before hitting the pillow. We finally got to sleep around 11:00, which is 2:00 am eastern time, nearly 12 hours after we left Charlottesville! The only thing on our mind, was that an 8:30 wakeup call was way too near.

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