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Feb. 24, 2002

The University of Virginia wrestling team competed in the American Quad Meet today. The Cavaliers joined a four-team field that included Bucknell, American University, and Eastern Michigan.

The Cavaliers finished first in the competition, winning all three of their meets. In their first match, Virginia defeated American University by a score of 37-9. The Cavaliers next defeated Eastern Michigan by a score of 24-13, and defeated Bucknell by a 45-4 score.

Here is a look at Virginia’s results from the 2002 American Quad Meet:

Scoring SummaryAmerican	9Virginia 	37
Wgt.	Opponents					                         Result		Team Score V/AU149	Marc Hoffer (AU) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa)				Fall @ 2:58		0-6157	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Aviv Bercovicz (AU)			Tec. Fall, 17-1		5-6165	Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Eric Fantegrossi (AU)		Fall @ :45		11-6174	Brian Muir (UVa) def. Aaron Baker (AU)				10-8			14-6184	Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Kyle Mason (AU)			Tec. Fall, 19-3		19-6197	Andrew DeMartino (UVa) def. Adam Montgomery (AU)	11-4			22-6HWT	Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Jared Hyman (AU)			11-9			25-6125	Willie Harris (AU) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa)			10-4			25-9133	Joe Alexander (UVa) def. Matthew Pelligrino (AU)		Fall @ 2:17		31-9141	Bob Seidel (UVa) - forfeit						Forfeit			37-9
Scoring SummaryEastern Michigan	13Virginia 			24
Wgt.	Opponents				                   	Result		Team Score V/EM149	Wiles (EMU) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa)				MD, 12-3		0-4157	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Keasley (EMU)				Tec. Fall, 18-2		5-4165	Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Keeney (EMU)			10-4			8-4174	Magrys (EMU) def. Brian Muir (UVa)				7-2			8-7184	Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Gilmore (EMU)				MD, 10-1		12-7197	Kraft (EMU) def. Andrew DeMartino (UVa)			11-5			12-10HWT	Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Bonningson (EMU)			6-4			15-10125	Ryan Stewart (UVa) def. Gunterman (EMU)			Fall @ 5:15		21-10133	Joe Alexander (UVa) def. Pyles (EMU)				4-2			24-10141	Ruffin (EMU) def. Bob Seidel (UVa)				6-2			24-13
Scoring SummaryBucknell		4Virginia 		45
Wgt.	Opponents				                        	Result		Team Score V/BU149	Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Hastrum (BU)				MD, 8-0		4-0157	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Miller (BU)					Inj. Def.		10-0165	Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Saunders (BU)			Fall			16-0174	Brian Muir (UVa) def. Hostetter (BU)				10-3			19-0184	Jimi Massey (UVa) - Forfeit						Forfeit			25-0197	Falciglia (BU) def. Andrew DeMartino (UVa)			MD, 12-4		25-4HWT	Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Herbert (BU)				Fall @ 2:27		31-4125	Ryan Stewart (UVa) def. Perrin (BU)				Tec. Fall		36-4133	Joe Alexander (UVa) def. Hartrum (BU)				10-5			39-4141	Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Green (BU)					Fall @ 1:35		45-4

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