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Jan. 2, 2003

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Virginia has a very nice balance of backcourt folks and frontcourt folks.After [Travis Watson] put up 21 points and 20 rebounds, thank goodness wedon’t have anyone like that in our league. … He is just a huge man, withhuge hands. You can jump and scream about getting your body on him, but thebottom line is he’s got such great leverage, he’s a player.

[On comparing NC State and Virginia]I’m not one to make comparisons, but those are the best two teams we’veplayed. They are very different in personnel and style, but I think those twogames with those two teams will be great ACC games.

We were just bad the first six minutes, doggone it. From that point forwardthrough the first half, I thought we did a nice job of contesting theirperimeter shots. If they shoot it like that, they’ll beat a bunch of people.


That’s a good team to get past us. … We beat a good team. I thought weplayed some of our better basketball of the season. We shared the ball verywell. I was pleased with our effort. … Defensively, we were pretty good. Westill have a long way to go. We’re nowhere near being in sync.

Travis Watson had 21 points, 20 rebounds and he wasn’t even healthy. We haveto get him in top condition. He’s probably about 65% in terms of his wind andtiming. He was more himself. To get 20 rebounds, you have to be in prettygood shape.

Derrick Byars was terrific, with 17 points in 30 minutes. He played prettygood defense. He’s a very good player, and he doesn’t make to many mistakes.

Jermaine Harper gave us some good minutes off the bench. He wasthree-for-four from threes.

Keith Jenifer played with confidence today. He’s getting better –two-for-two from threes. He had four assists for every turnover. He’simproving. He’s doing a good job.

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