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Matt Schaub answered questions from fans on Monday, November 24, 2003.

Matt Schaub Participates in Live Chat Monday, November 24, 2003

Cavalier Quarterback Answers Fans’ Questions

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – University of Virginia quarterback Matt Schaub (West Chester, Pa.) participated in his third live chat of the season on his website on Monday, Nov. 24, 2003.

Fans were able to submit questions through the site in advance, under the “Ask Matt” section or through the form below.

The Virginia Cavaliers (6-5, 4-4 ACC) defeated Georgia Tech (6-5, 4-4 ACC) on Nov. 22, 29-17. The win makes the Cavaliers eligible for the Tangerine Bowl on Dec. 22.

Please feel free to submit your questions any time before the start of the chat.

spacer.gif Matt: Hey everyone, I’m here and let’s get started!
Dale, Atlanta: Matt, Has your 5 years at The University of Virginia been everything you had hoped your college experience would be, both athletically and academically?
spacer.gif Matt: My 5 years here at Virginia has definitely been all that I had hoped it would be, the friendships and the experiences that I have had have given me a great foundation that will allow me to deal with anything I may encounter down the road.
Courtney Jones, Richmond Va: Hey Matt hows it going? I have admired you very much the past two years. Do you think there is a very good chance of beating Tech? Is the defense up to stopping the run? Thanks for your time and GO HOOS!
Scott, Lynchburg: Are you confident going up against the Hokies?
spacer.gif Matt: There is a very good chance we can beat Tech, we are playing very well right now and have a lot of confidence, we just have to keep doing the things that help us win games.
Paul (roanoke): Does the shoulder you hurt earlier this season still bother you at all, or are you 100%?
spacer.gif Matt: My shoulder has felt really good. I am still in the process of strengthening it.
Todd, C-ville: The Hokies love to put a lot of guys in the box to stop the run and blitz, which will give you many one-on-one opportunities. Can the Cavs have success on the ground to soften their secondary and allow you to exploit their defense in the air?
spacer.gif Matt: I think we will have to have success on the ground and I believe we will. That will help out the pssing game.
Lucian (Blacksburg): Is there a reason behind wearing number 7, or is just what you ended up getting?
spacer.gif Matt: When I committed to UVA it was between 11 and 7 and John Elway was someone I always admired growing up so I went with 7.
cale, kenilworth illinois: matt, even though you have gotten injured earlier in the year, are you still going to enter the NFL draft?
spacer.gif Matt: I definitely plan on entering the draft since I have no more eligibility at UVa.
Robert ( Richmond,VA ): Do you think Ryan Sawyer and Ottawa Anderson have done a good job trying to replace Billy McMullen?
spacer.gif Matt: It is hard to replace a player like Billy, but I feel that the offense as a whole has done a good job of taking on the responsibility of catching passes and being productive, but Ryan and Ottawa definitely stepped up and played big for us this year.
Brud Waddell-Lexington: Matt-Good win over Georgia Tech for the Hoos. As a UVA fan, the game against Virginia Tech is not just another game. A win over them is top priority. How important do the players consider this game? Good luck to you and the team.
spacer.gif Matt: This is one of the most important games all year as far as bragging rights and edge in recruiting. Everyone realizes the importance of this game and both teams definitely bring their A game.
Chris: Do you think it would be cool to come out of the tunnel against VT in Orange jersey’s? Some of our friends think it would be a really neat one time thing. Plus it would really get the crowd that much more hyped. Good Luck Matt, beat those hokies!!!
spacer.gif Matt: I think orange jersey’s would be pretty cool as well. The crowd would definitely be energized by it, although I don’t know if it would happen.
Chris ( Sedley): What is the key to win against VT this Saturday?
spacer.gif Matt: The key is to not make mistakes like turnovers, penalties, and give up big plays, if we just stick to our plan and minimize mistakes we will have a great chance to win.
Emily (Newport News): How do you feel now that you’re coming up on your last game in Scott Stadium?
spacer.gif Matt: There have been many great memories in Scott Stadium over the last 5 years and it has flew by pretty fast, many of the guys will also be playing for the last time and so it will be great to share in that with them, and hopefully come away with a victory.
Henry (Tampa): Matt:How did you convince coach Groh to let you run the QB sneak on short yardage?
spacer.gif Matt: I didn’t have to lobby to hard, it came time for us to try something different in those situations and that is what coach decided on.
Tem (Charlottesville): In the last game you were lined up at wideout a couple of times. Does it bother you that those plays were chosen at time when you were in the red zone? Planning on catching a TD pass from Hagans?
spacer.gif Matt: It is easy to sit here now and say what if we did this or that but one of them we scored and the other we didn’t but if we had there would be no discussion. I would love to catch a TD pass but I don’t know if that is going to be an option.
Chad (Coatesville, Pa): Good win on Saturday. Congrats on becoming the schools all time leading passer. Has anyone been talking about possible bowl games yet? Congrats again and I’ll see you on Saturday. Good Luck
spacer.gif Matt: Thanks buddy, we will see how the bowl situation plays out after this week, from what I have heard it is either tangerine or continental tire.
Jeff RIchmond, VA: Are you more comfortable in the shotgun or behind the center?
spacer.gif Matt: I comfortable with both, although being in the shotgun gives you more time and you are already away from the line but when your under center you keep your eyes on the defense longer since you don’t have to take your eyes off the D to see the ball.
Frank Richmond, VA: Why hasn’t the team done more trick plays like the one against Georgia Tech where Hagans got the ball and threw it down field to Miller?
spacer.gif Matt: Trick plays need to be used at the right time and when the defense least expects it we haven’t really needed to use many of them or been in a situation to.
spacer.gif Matt: Alright everyone, thank you for all your questions all year and hope everyone has a good holiday season!
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