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Dec. 30, 2004

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The University of Virginia wrestling team recorded 39.5 points and stands 11th out of 23 schools in the team standings after the semifinals of the second day of competition in the 2004 Southern Scuffle at Michael B. Fleming Gymnasium on the campus of UNC Greensboro.

UVa has 15 wrestlers competing in the event: Anthony Burke (125), Adam Kimbrell (125), Byron Dunlap (133), Paul Bowman (141), Chet Naylor (141), Paul Dunstan (149), Jim Hartey (157), Conor Manley (165), Damian Johnson (174), Chudi Uraih (184), Kyle Narkiewicz (184), Scott Smith (197), Ram McDonnell (197), Nick Smith (HWT) and Andrew Leffler (HWT).

Below is a look at Virginia’s team scores and individual results in the event thus far. Updates for UVa’s team score and individual results will be posted when made available.

Team Scores After Thursday’s Semifinals:

1. Cornell 1491. Minnesota 1493. Navy 74.54. Edinboro 735. Kent State 596. Virginia Tech 55.57. UNC Greensboro 538. East Stroudsburg 52.59. North Carolina 4610. The Citadel 41.511. Virginia 39.512. Lock Haven 37.513. Maryland 25.514. Rider 22.515. Old Dominion 21.516. Davidson 1417. George Mason 1317. VMI 1319. Duke 11.520. Appalachian State 10.521. Gardner-Webb 922. Missouri 3.5023. N.C. State 2.5

Virginia’s individual results after Day Two Semifinals:

125W	Anthony Burke (UVa) def. Kyle Terrell (UNCG)		TF, 21-5L	Michael Mormile (Cornell) def. Anthony Burke (UVa)		6-2W	Anthony Burke (UVa) def. Selas Douglas (ODU)		MD, 10-2W	Anthony Burke (UVa) def. Adam Kimbrell (UVa)		6-4L	Andrew Domingues (Minnesota) def. Anthony Burke (UVa)	8-2

125L Justin Staylor (Virginia Tech) def. Adam Kimbrell (UVa) 5-2W Adam Kimbrell (UVa) def. Greg Still (Edinboro) MD, 12-0W Adam Kimbrell (UVa) def. Robert Ramos (East Stroudsburg) 11-4L Anthony Burke (UVa) def. Adam Kimbrell (UVa) 6-4

133W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Brandon Beasley (Navy) 6-1L Evan Sola (UNC) def. Byron Dunlap (UVa) Fall @ 2:46W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Sean Carr (Maryland) Fall @ 1:53W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. B.J. Compton (ODU) Def.L David Hoffman (Virginia Tech) def Byron Dunlap (UVa) Fall @ 4:55

141W Paul Bowman (UVa) def. Chris Humphries (The Citadel) 8-7L Tommy Owen (Minnesota) def. Paul Bowman (UVa) Fall @ 1:46L Brian Ellis (Lock Haven) def. Paul Bowman (UVa) MD, 12-2

141L Charlie Pinto (Maryland) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) MD, 10-1W Chet Naylor (UVa) def. Justin Lansley (Gardner-Webb) 7-4L Matt Easter (Cornell) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) 10-4

149W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Phillip Wightman (Duke) MD, 14-5W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. John Cox (Navy) 4-1L Dustin Schlatter (Unat.) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) MD, 13-3Def. Paul Dunstan (UVa)

157L Travis Piccard (The Citadel) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) MD, 12-4W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Adam Lesser (Duke) Fall @ 5:51W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Adam Glaser (Gardner-Webb) MD, 11-3W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Nick Pullano (ODU) Fall @ 8:36W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Adam Brochetti (Navy) Def.L Matt Hill (Edinboro) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 6-1

165L Keith Smith (East Stroudsburg) def. Conor Manley (UVa) 12-5L Dustin McCabe (VMI) def. Conor Manley (UVa) 4-1

174W Damian Johnson (UVa) def. Matthew Stolpinski (Navy) 2-1W Damian Johnson (UVa) def. Carlos Ponce (Lock Haven) 8-4L Joe Mazzurco (Cornell) def. Damian Johnson (UVa) MD, 14-5L Levi Craig (Duke) def. Damian Johnson (UVa) 3-2

184W Chudi Uriah (UVa) def. Mike Eastman (George Mason) 4-3L Doug Umbehauer (Rider) def. Chudi Uriah (UVa) 7-1W Chudi Uriah (UVa) def. Keith Clifton (The Citadel) Def.L Mike Metzger (Lock Haven) def. Chudi Uriah (UVa) 6-2

184L Chris Pogue (Navy) def. Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) 3-2W Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) def. Antonio Miranda (Navy) 3-2W Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) def. Sean McCracken (E. Stroudsburg) 11-5L Jon Kane (Navy) def. Kyle Narkiewicz (UVa) MD, 15-2

197L Andrew Adams (Navy) def. Scott Smith (UVa) MD, 19-4W Scott Smith (UVa) def. James March (Cornell) 10-6L Dan Tulley (Duke) def. Scott Smith (UVa) Fall @ 7:57

197L David Dishiell (UNC) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) Fall @ 3:53W Ram McDonnell (UVa) def. Patrick Keenum (Duke) 5-3L Jason Manross (Cornell) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) Fall @ 1:11

HWTL Joe Hennis (Edinboro) def. Nick Smith (UVa) 3-2W Nick Smith (UVa) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa) Fall @ 3:34W Nick Smith (UVa) def. Brian Yannetti (VMI) 5-1L Stanley Foster (East Stroudsburg) def. Nick Smith (UVa) MD, 14-5

HWTL Cole Konrad (Minnesota) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa) Fall @ 1:28L Nick Smith (UVa) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa) Fall @ 3:34

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