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Feb. 19, 2007

CHARLOTTESVILLE – The Virginia men’s basketball team is preparing for the stretch run of the Atlantic Coast Conference regular season and as it has all season, the team will rely heavily on the leadership and play of J.R. Reynolds. The senior guard from Roanoke, Va., is one of the leading scorers in the ACC and has been a major factor in the Cavaliers’ success this season. Reynolds will play a prominent role in UVa’s upcoming games at Miami on Feb. 21 and at the John Paul Jones Arena against Georgia Tech on Feb. 24.

Now, let’s go One-On-One with J.R. Reynolds

Question: What do you enjoy most about UVa and why?
Reynolds: I enjoy most the guys on the team and the family atmosphere that we have on the team. I’m around my teammates so much it’s like a second home. They are a great group of guys to be around.

Question: What is your favorite basketball memory at Virginia?
Reynolds: I would say the victories over Duke and Maryland this season. I hadn’t been on a Virginia team that had beaten those two teams.

Question: What are your thoughts about this year’s team as you prepare for the season’s stretch run?
Reynolds: We got off to a good start, then had a couple of slips, but we’ve bounced back well. We started to play better defense and just got back to playing Virginia basketball. Defense is definitely the key.

Question: How has your game improved since coming to Virginia?
Reynolds: When I came to Virginia I was a three-point shooter. I realized I needed to add other parts to my game. I started working hard during the summers to develop other parts of my game.

Question: Many folks consider you and Sean Singletary to be among the best backcourts in the nation. How do you feel about that?
Reynolds: I think we are the best backcourt in the nation. I don’t feel there’s another duo in the country that does as much for their team as we do.

Question: What has it been like to play in John Paul Jones Arena?
Reynolds: It’s tremendous. You have everything you need at the arena. The students have done a great job helping us out, being the “sixth man” for us and being there to support the team. We want to create an environment where it’s difficult for opposing teams to come in here and play. I think we’re establishing that and making John Paul Jones Arena one of the top arenas in the country.

Question: What are your immediate goals and your goals for down the road?
Reynolds: I want us to finish this season off strong and put ourselves in a position to do very well in the ACC and then go from there, hopefully to the NCAA Tournament. We just need to take it one game at a time. My goal for down the road is to hopefully play professional basketball somewhere.

Question: You’ve been a team co-captain each of the last two seasons. How do you provide leadership for this team?
Reynolds: By sharing my experience and some of the things I’ve been through with the guys. Making them aware of how hard you have to work. I also try to deliver Coach Leitao’s messages and the points he’s trying to make to the team so my teammates understand them better. If my teammates have any questions, I’m always there for them.

Question: What sport would you play if you didn’t play basketball and why?
Reynolds: Football, I played quarterback as an eighth-grader at Roanoke Catholic and had quite an arm.

Question: What is your favorite sports team?
Reynolds: The Detroit Pistons.

Question: If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
Reynolds: Bill Gates. I’d just like to know what his life is like, everything that he does and just how much work does he really do.

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