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Q&A with Kelly Quinn

Question: This season you have gotten off to a good start, currently second on the team in scoring. What has been the key to your offensive play this year?

Quinn: I think our team has been connecting very well from the backs through the midfield to the forwards. Those of us up top have been getting set up with good chances to score and I have been able to take advantage of that.

Question: You have played both in the midfield and as an outside forward in past seasons. How have you adjusted to playing the center forward position this season?

Quinn: I am getting used to holding onto the ball and distributing it. I was used to being more creative in the midfield. The other adjustment has been getting used to staying high. I am used to defending. If I turn the ball over, it is my instinct to run back and help defend, but I am getting used to the new role.

Question: You missed the end of last season with a knee injury. What did you take away from the experience of not being able to play followed by a long rehab period?

Quinn: I now don’t take any game or practice for granted. I really appreciate the sport and the chance I get to play it even more now.

Question: The team usually has its weekend games on Sunday. The past two years, that schedule has worked out well for you to watch your brother, Brady, play on TV when he was at Notre Dame. Now that he is in the NFL, his games are also on Sunday, often at the same time you play. How have you adjusted?

Quinn: It is pretty hard to difficult. He hasn’t played so far so it hasn’t been a big problem yet. When he does, good thing there is TIVO. But I always wear his jersey on Sunday to support him.

Question: How have your parents adjusted to having their kids playing at the same time on Sundays?

Quinn: Well, he plays two hours from home and I play eight hours from home. So he wins. They usually go to his games on Sunday.

Question: The team has played ranked opponents in seven of the first 10 games this year. This week you play another ranked team in Florida State followed by Miami, who is leading the ACC so far. How has the non-conference schedule prepared you for the ACC season?

Quinn: It has helped us realize that where we are as a team. We have played top-five teams, top-10 teams, top-25 teams, and unranked teams. No matter what the rankings are, anything can happen so we have to take it one game at a time. We couldn’t look past anyone in the non-conference and that helped us when it came time for the ACC.

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