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Abby Taylor and the Cavaliers host Radford and top-ranked North Carolina this week after a two-game swing in Louisville. Taylor, a midfield/back who played on the forward line as a first year when she led the class in scoring with seven goals, led the team with nine assists in 2006 and is tied for the team lead in 2007. The fourth-year sat down with as the team started the Radford/UNC week to share some facts about herself.

My favorite ice cream flavor: Superman ice cream

My favorite sports figure: LeBron James

My favorite movie: Finding Nemo

My major and why I chose it: Drama, because I have had 21 years of practice

My advice to players is: Go hard or go home

My dream vacation would be: Backpacking through Europe

The most important thing I learned in college is: Learn from your mistakes

The best advice I ever received is: Don’t worry about the past, worry about today.

My favorite place on Grounds: Library

My song on the psych tape is: “These are My People,” Rodney Atkins

My favorite moment in sports history (personal): When our team made the Elite Eight (2006)

My favorite moment in sports history (overall): When the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the finals with LeBron!!!

Best field hockey game I have been a part of: The state championship in high school when we beat a team that had won the previous three years. For the first time I truly felt the importance of being a part of a team.

Why I play field hockey: It’s something that I love doing, something that teaches me life lessons, and something through which I have made true friends.

If I could invite someone to dinner, it would be: Inge Kaars Sijpesteijn because she is my world.

What do Michele Madison and her staff bring to Virginia? Positivity, knowledge, honesty, and fun.

Why did I choose my number? Because a third year had my number (16) from high school, so I divided it by two to get 8.

Please write a quote about your time here at UVa: “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”

Please list any community service projects you do: ACE and CASE

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